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Building a house on the moon cycle

Construction of ceilings, roofs, bearing walls and construction on the moon cycle


Builders and architects are well aware of cases when cracks are formed in concrete ceilings and walls or moisture appears on the concrete. Bad weather and the quality of concrete can be nothing to do with anything. So before you pour the concrete, remember that:

Pour concrete (as well as putting a stone floor) preferably under the damaged moon under the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
•It is necessary to refuse such works in the days of the growing moon and under the signs of water, as well as at the damaged Moon under the sign of leo (concrete will dry out too quickly, cracks can form).

Wooden house -

The ceilings of the building under construction need to dry slowly. This prevents cracks from appearing.
Usually the concrete is even wet with water (the ceiling is poured out of the hose every 2-3 hours). If you do the work in the right period you will achieve a good result.

The ceilings can be filled at any time, avoiding only the days of the Lion (these days the ceiling will dry too quickly).

If you do fill the ceiling in one of the days under the sign of Leo, do not let him dry, water constantly!
The time chosen to lay the bearing walls does not play a big role. If this does not lead to additional costs, try to time this work to the days of the damaged moon.


The supporting walls, erected under the damaged moon, will dry up faster.

Concrete walls are not the best option for your home. Among the concrete walls, people get tired faster and get sick more often. Any natural material that does not interfere with breathing (misses steam) is more suitable.

To make concrete walls have less impact on your health, put the so-called cork. The thickness of the cork should not exceed five centimeters. The thicker the protective layer is, the weaker the negative impact that concrete walls have on us.
Try to use concrete only in case of extreme necessity for those places where you rarely spend time, for example, for the construction of a garage (unless, of course, you are not an inveterate motorist).


The ideal rafters are rafters made of wood cut down at the right time, as well as in time. The rafters, delivered on a bad day, can lead to many problems: displacement of shingles, roof leaks, etc., so:

The rafters should be placed at the flawed Moon, better under the sign of Capricorn (days under the sign of Taurus are also allowed). Avoid the Days of Cancer!

The rafters erected under the young moon will soon begin to swarm and shift the shingling. The rafters, delivered in the days of Cancer, will also be jarred and will soon rot.

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