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Building a house on the moon cycle

Woodwork on the Moon cycle

A tree is a natural building material. If the tree is burned, the ash will be no more than ten percent of the elements it receives from the ground. The remaining ninety percent of the tree consists of substances that receives from light, air and the Sun. Trees accumulate solar energy and give it to people.
Dwellings, which include materials that are extracted from the ground, slowly weaken the person. Everything that surrounds us must be made from materials extracted on the ground. Then they will empower us, not weaken us.

A log country house. Photos

Previously, builders chose the location of the building according to the qualities of the tree. For example, they made sure that the tops were turned in different directions: one forward and the other back. They never floored the floor so that the boards lay perpendicular to the entrance.
Thus, the force of the tree can protect the human body from the harmful effects of the environment and radiation and strengthen its forces.
When we cut down trees, our ancestors paid great attention to the timing of the work, and for each type of tree there were their own dates. They changed every year because they depended not on the calendar, but on the position of the moon. Thanks to this wise woodcutters did not have to cover the wood with a poisonous protective layer: the necessary properties of wood retained without this procedure.
But the tree, covered with a protective layer, is not suitable even for firewood, because the harmful substances that are part of it, when burning will begin to stand out.

There are no bad and good days in logging. It all depends on for what purpose the tree is cut down: whether it will make a chair, a bridge over the river, a balalaika or a toy. The tree is a living material, its life continues even after it has been cut down. Depending on the day of felling, the tree behaves differently: it dries faster or slower, hardens, is made light or heavy. It can be cracked, curved, wet, and can retain form for hundreds of years.
Every woodcutter and tree specialist knows that it is better to go to the forest for trees in winter, on days close to christmas. The juices of the tree go back in winter, so the felled tree is less deformed.
Our ancestors knew their stuff. Huts and sheds, fireplaces and home utensils perfectly retain their shape after hundreds of years. And without any processing! While walking on a rickety slippery bridge built a couple of years ago, we are cautiously holding on to the railing.
So, try to answer the question: what properties of the tree do you need?

Persistent and sturdy wood

The best results can be obtained when cutting down a tree on the last or penultimate day of March at the damaged Moon under the sign of Pisces.

The Sign of The Pisces falls on the flawed moon not every year. Similar results can be obtained in the following days: new year, January 7, January 25 and January 31 to February 2. The tree cut down in one of these six days does not rot, it does not start bugs, and over time this tree becomes more durable.

Fire-resistant wood

The most fire-resistant wood is made from wood felled on March 1, better after sunset. Such wood can be used for interior decoration of the house without additional processing.

Lucky days are the day of the new moon under the sign of Libra, the last day before the December new moon and the last 48 hours before the March new moon. The tree, cut down on one of these days, will not dry, it can be processed freshly chopped, without first drying.

Wood resistant to moisture

That the tree did not dry, that is, did not change its volume, length and shape, it is best to cut it on the day of St. Foma (December 21), between 11 and 12 hours. This day is generally the most successful for cutting trees.
After December 21, all winter (with a few exceptions) can be chopped only at the damaged Moon.
February days are also suitable for the damaging Moon (and it is desirable to cut down trees in the evening), September 27, three days after the full moon each month, if these days fall on the sign of Cancer, and the day of the new moon under the sign of Libra. A tree felled in February after sunset can become as strong as a stone.

It's a beautiful door made of wood. Photos

Wood for furniture and musical instruments

The best for this purpose is a tree felled in the first eight days after the December new moon under the sign of Aquarius and Pisces. Also for this purpose is suitable new moon under the sign of Scorpio (most often in November) and February 26 at the damaging Moon, especially if the Moon is in the sign of Cancer.
•From the tree, which is cut down under the sign of Scorpio, it is necessary to immediately remove the bark to get rid of bark beetles. If the deadlines are met, you can take your time to do it – the probability of an attack of bark beetles is very small.

Protect the tree from the sun’ exposure! If you remove the bark, it means that the danger that the tree will crack from the Sun and will be useless.

Products made of wood. Violin. Photos

Wood harvesting

It is better to chop trees into firewood during the damaged moon after the winter solstice. Try to combine the felling with the first seven days of the young moon in October (in this case, the place where you cut down trees, will grow faster).

It is not necessary to cut down the top of the tree at once. Allow the tree to lie down a little.

Boards and lumber

If you chop wood during the days of Pisces under the young moon, the tree will be better protected from pests.

Therefore, it is undesirable to cut down trees in spring or summer. The sign of The Fish at the Young Moon happens only from September to March.

Tree for flooring and tools

The scorpion days in August are optimal for this purpose, but only if the tree is immediately cleansed of the bark.

For a strong floor the tree should remain heavy, so for these purposes you should choose the first day after the full moon under the sign of Taurus (alas, this does not happen every year).

Tree without cracks

For carvings, the tree is best chopped before the full moon in November. Other options: March 25, June 29, December 31.

The tree should fall so that its top is below the root, and lie in this position for a while, while the remaining juices come out.

In the old days, woodcutters went to the forest on Ivanov Day (June 24) and between 12 and 13 hours tried to chop up as many trees as possible. These trees will not form cracks, they can be used for construction the next day!

Wagon, gont, wooden chute

Fibers in different types of wood can be located differently (their direction is determined by the bark of the tree). They can go straight, twist left or right (“right” tree can be compared to a corkscrew, put end up). Carpenters take into account the direction of wood: the “left” tree, after it is cut down, is pumped more strongly than the straight or “right”.
For wooden gutters are selected the breed of wood with a straight direction of fibers or slightly curved to the right, because such a tree does not warp after it is cut down.
To make the gont, a straight tree is selected or slightly curved to the left. At high humidity, the gont straightens, and in the sun slightly bends, passing air to dry.
By the way, lightning more often strikes in the left-hand trees than in straight and right-hand, so do not hide from the thunderstorm, standing under the left-hand tree! And never hide under the trees, which show the marks of previous thunderstorms!
If you do not have the ability to trace the time of the log cabin of the wood you use – follow the processing time and time of its use. Don’t believe someone who tells you, “Tree is a tree.” Using the same variety of wood, you can get different results.
And another thing: try to use local wood in your construction. Wood from your edges will bring favorable energy to your home, while other latitudes, such as tropical mahogany, can release unwanted energy and weaken the human body.
So, if you coordinate the construction work with the lunar rhythms, you can expect a positive result.

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