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Black Moon Lilith in the Zodiac Signs: demons inside us

It is interesting to you? Terribly? You peer at a mirror, having opened a mouth: where are they?

Long it is not necessary to look for: they are in each of us because everyone at a horoscope has Black Moon — the personal demon.

So, the Black Moon (Lilith) is a point of a power failure in a horoscope. It is a black hole, the soaking-up funnel, it is insatiable absorbing energy. As if the powerful vacuum cleaner, she exhausts all juice from the planets which got with it to connection or harmonious aspect, forcing poor planets to get as much as possible into gear, exploits them as slaves on a plantation. As a result manifestation of the planet reaches a terrible extreme. The planet becomes as the tired-out horse, and all force to plow it. It concerns both planets of the person, and the planets of the partner which got to harmonious aspect with his Lilith. Lilith eats energy of planets, and all the same does not gorge on.

Further insatiable Lilith makes the same with that House of a horoscope of the person where she is. She forces the person, having forgotten about everything on light, to throw all the attention to this House, to think only of this sphere, only there to put energy which is safely eaten by the Black Moon. Energy does not reach the destination, in the sphere of the House at the person problems are not solved, the person is nervous, is afraid, persists even more, putting energy, and only it and it is necessary to Lilith. And all the same she remains hungry.

On planets and Houses of the menu of the Black Moon it is not limited. The following dish of her lunch are signs. At the person the sign of its Black Moon is felt in character, behavior (even appearance if there are aspects to Lilith) sometimes many times stronger, than even the sign of its Sun, the Moon or Ascendant. There is no wonder: to receive energy, Lilith forces the person to include as much as possible qualities of that sign in which it is. To show these qualities becomes for the person it is necessary as the breath of life. He seeks to show them more and stronger, but …

The Black Moon is a point of lack of experience. The person did not acquire in antecedents positive experiment on that House and the sign where there is Lilith therefore in present life he should gain this experience, to correct last karmic errors on this sphere. The Black Moon creates illusions, visibility: the person with Lilith in the sign is externally brightly shown as this sign, but actually it has a problem with qualities of the sign if the Black Moon is not worked out. This is an illusory Aries, an imaginary Taurus, the seeming Twins, fictitious Cancer … There is no experience, there is no support, qualities of the sign can be shown only at the lowest level, and there is a wish to show them as much as possible, at the high level. The black Moon urges on. And here the person is at the end of the resources when the increasing desire of manifestation of qualities of the sign meets exhaustion of opportunities. The black Moon ceases to receive energy, the power level of the person falls, and the person … turns into the demon.

“Demon” is a such condition of the person when he loses control over himself, falls into rage, a hysterics, shouts, squeals, offends, applies violence. And all only to receive the energy lacking it from people around. In this case degree of danger of the person what he can reach in use of violence, depends at most its internal self-checking. Quite mentally healthy people fall into a condition of the demon. Loss of control over itself happens when consciousness of the person is disconnected and his behavior completely copes unconscious installations. For the person the Black Moon corresponds its unconscious, and the horoscope point where it is – it is an entry point in unconscious. The sign and the House of the Black Moon show in what spheres of the life of people has most of all negative subconscious installations. These spheres are catalysts of manifestations of his demon.

Our researches showed: the sign in which there is Lilith plays the predominating role in this process. Transformation of the person into the demon is provoked by two reasons: exhaustion, the shortage of energy resources for manifestation of qualities of the sign, or observation of a lack of these qualities at others. In the latter case the person sees before himself the mirror showing it his not handled issues and it infuriates him. For each Lilith in the sign it is characteristic to accuse others of allegedly insufficient manifestation of qualities of this sign, shifting to them own problems. Most of all she is enraged in people around by what she cannot forgive and afford. And most often she cannot forgive herself not a real-life shortcoming, but decided, having a subconscious complex that allegedly it has it.

Charges of people around are way of vampirism: accusing others, and it is groundless, the demon urges on them immediately to start proving according to the sign to prove that the demon is not right that the demonic hysterics stopped, or he tries to cause indignation reaction. Also receives feed by the corresponding energy of the sign, or just energy, having enraged the person. The demon catches on fear (better I will make, and that he and will shout), on pride (as, he told that I …), on sense of guilt (yes, and he is perhaps right …). Therefore council: on similar demonic charges of other person it is not necessary to react, take offense, try to prove something. If, for example, you know that at you in the apartment it is clean, and the demon shouts that you — a lazy pig who tides up once a year. It he at heart considers himself by it, it is its complex, you here at anything. If you want to calm the raged demon, it is necessary to agree with him and to promise to make as he wants. And then you can not do — the demon actually does not need it, and he needs your energy. When you express formal consent, at the demon the occasion vanishes, and he is forced to calm down.

Threats to deprive of something — the next way of vampirism. The demon always uses dependence on it of other person. And itself tries to establish such dependence, offering the help, housing, money, etc. And then begins to reproach and threaten to deprive of it if its unreal requirements are not fulfilled. You should not pay attention since demons never make similar threats to these threats: it would mean to them to lose a power source if contacts with you stop. If the demon shouts: “We leave, the relations are over!” Or: “look for other housing!” Or: “look for other source of money!”, it is necessary to answer: “well, I agree”. The demon could not object, and he will calm down. He can vampirit you, only if you are really afraid to lose something, to feel dependent on him. And it is the best of all not to accept the similar help at all. It is not difficult to distinguish the demonic help trap: very much he busily offers it, very invitingly everything looks. Temptation of an easy way …

One more form of vampirism — passive. The demon becomes isolated, is silent, avoids contact, representing from himself innocently offended innocent person. At the same time inside at it the storm of negative emotions storms. People around begin to suffer from sense of guilt before it, try to understand, than they offended it. Make attempts to restore contact, to understand what it wants. People around weighs its intense silence, they suffer guesses that he about them thinks. And the demon thus receives energy. In such situations it is not necessary to try to understand the reason of similar behavior, to begin to think that you are guilty of something. Because real reason and furthermore there is no your any fault. It is just provocation from the demon. Do not pay attention to the offended type of the demon, behave as usual. If something is necessary to it, him is dissatisfied with something, let speak about it openly, and is not present — its problems. If it avoids contact, and you leave, do not try to restore contact right there. After a while the demon will understand that provocation was not successful, and it will be possible to communicate with the person again.

The next way of vampirism — to cause pity. The demon will be cried about the unfortunate life that nobody loves him, to complain of problems, diseases. If you show sympathy, emotionally join in a situation, then you will fall a victim of vampirism. The demon can show emotional affection for you, grovel at the feet, shedding tears and accusing you of cruelty, playing a role of the victim masochist. Will tell that it is ready to accept any sufferings from you, the tyrant, only to be near you. Remember that it is usual vampire tricks and stop similar emotional outpourings. Do not feel sorry for whiners vampires. Do not allow to start at you whining conversations and if it is impossible to shut a mouth to the complainant, be just indifferent to the fact that he speaks about the misfortunes since all this a lie, or is created by the demon because it is so convenient to it to vampirit others.

And, at last, the last, most obvious way of vampirism — when the demon already storms openly, arranges a hysterics, scandal, disorder, a fight. Here it is necessary or to apply a method of formal consent with the demon that he calmed down, or to show to the demon his reflection, that is to apply to the demon his method, and in repeatedly strengthened look. If the demon shouts — shout more loudly if climbs to fight — fight back if grabs a knife — be enough the axe. As a rule, the demon does not expect similar reaction, the type of the reflection frightens him, and the person settles into shape. But here you have to decide what type of counteraction is acceptable for you. If you do not feel that you will be able to outvoice the demon or it is impossible to fight with him because of different weight categories, pacify him by consent with it. And one more way to pacify the demon — it is simple to avoid contact with it, and after a while he will calm down. Further according to each sign we will give suitable measures of suppression of his demon.


The demon chooses vampirism objects depending on Lilith’s House: someone recoups on the partner, someone — on house, others storms in public places, and there are also those who vampirit themselves. That is the House defines the sphere of manifestation of the demon, but the reason of a demonism is hidden in the sign. Therefore, work with the sign is a key to neutralization of the demon.

The black Moon absorbs energy of the person, surrounding people and does not gorge on, problems at the person in the sphere of the House and the sign are not solved. Whether it is possible to stop it? Whether it is possible to turn the vampire consumer into the useful worker? Yes, it is possible! — we drew an unambiguous conclusion.

So, we will look once again at favourite dishes of Lilith: planets, At Home, signs. How does the vampirism mechanism turn on? It when the person comes across in psychological traps of the Black Moon joins. And its first trap — temptation. In case of harmonious aspect of Lilith with the planet (the or the partner) the person feels that he can very easily and quickly receive what corresponds to a planet sphere of influence. In case of Jupiter — the power, protection, the Moon — comfort, food, care, Venus — love, Mars — a victory, lack of resistance to the actions and desires, Mercury — the necessary social contacts, information, mediation. The person really receives it, the Black Moon gives advance payment. The person is happy, gets used, the high from a freebie everything grows, but there comes the day of reckoning. The black Moon mercilessly begins to absorb energy, to operate the planet, including the second trap — fear to lose reached. For example, across Jupiter the person appears in full submission, depending on the patron or those dark affairs where it got, lives in dread of disgrace of the patron or detection of the illegal manipulations. Lilith also eats this fear. Therefore that Lilith did not operate the planet, the person has to refuse resolutely free cheese in the mousetrap, not be eager for a freebie, and learn to receive the work those benefits which correspond to the planet in harmonious aspect with Lilith.


As for Houses, here Lilith, on the one hand, causes in the person strong desire to receive what corresponds to this House, and on the other hand, inspires in it fear that it is impossible to receive the desirable. Such subconscious installation about initial impossibility to have for itself something vital pushes the person on the fact that he unconsciously makes the actions postponing execution of desire. It is favorable to Lilith since if wish is fulfilled, the person will not put energy in this House any more. Desire becomes stronger, the person acts in haste and fear, everything spoils, and Lilith eats energy of his fear and disappointment. Lilith forces the person to act quickly, thoughtlessly, across Mars, putting some idea to it that just now still it is possible to make something, then will be late. It concerns what the person really wants to have on the sphere of the House.

Because Lilith also fills up the person with allegedly easy opportunities to satisfy needs of the House, but these opportunities cause the disappointment. And here the solution is to begin to work in the sphere of the House professionally, that is to exclude personal interest. To begin to work with similar problems outside, at other people. Experience on the sphere of the House will be gained then, so, to be filled power emptiness. About the Black Moon in Houses we will write further.

And, at last, signs. We will talk about them in detail because here a bit different mechanism of vampirism works. Here a source of loss of energy is subconscious installation that, only showing qualities of the sign in perfection, the person is something, can achieve something and will be positively estimated by people around. If these qualities are not shown, the person will consider himself by full zero, and he will be sure that all people around will estimate it also. Then self-condemnation joins for what is not reached perfection in manifestation of qualities of the sign. Here the trap is that so far experiment on the sign is not acquired, it is impossible to show it fully. It is impossible to splash out water from an empty bucket, at first it needs to be filled. And the person, meeting this contradiction, seeks to fill emptiness of the Black Moon due to energy of others, that is failure to include the active, giving aspect leads to inclusion passive, absorbing. And here, as well as in a case with Houses, the decision is in beginning to be engaged professionally in the business corresponding to quality of the sign. Then experience in process of preliminary training and the subsequent work will be gained, the emptiness of the Black Moon is filled. The person, at last, will be able positively to realize requirement of manifestation of qualities of the sign, to show them at the high level.

The second important step which is required for a solution of the problem of Lilith in the Sign: it is necessary to learn to relax, that is to accept itself in that state when qualities of the sign are not implemented, not to condemn itself for it. While in subconsciousness of the person self-condemnation installation, to it sits, as ill luck would have it, people with traits of character, behavior which he considers for himself unacceptable which just enrage him will be attracted and provoke his demon. As soon as the person begins to react to these external mirrors quietly, and, above all — itself will afford such behavior, the situation will change at once. Other people will be attracted, and, most likely, the person just will understand that his claims to people around were deprived of the bases, and requirements are strongly exaggerated.

There is also the third important step which needs to be made surely. The black Moon forces to hurry: either now, or never. The person has to realize that never late to prove in any sphere, but it is better to make it when experience is accumulated, it is better to act gradually, but not to try to build the house without the base, to take result hurriedly. The moment when it is necessary to work, pass it is impossible. The person will intuitively feel it, all circumstances will indicate it, everything will develop by itself. And here it is already important not to go into other extremes, not to hesitate with action when all feelings are prompted that it should be made. The black Moon distorts time, creates false feeling of lack of time for preparation, fear of delay in action. It is necessary to understand that it is illusion and not to hurry. Wishing to receive never late since the power of our true desire, intention force energetically holds a situation to our readiness as much as long though eternity.


And now let’s regard the Black Moon in each sign. We constructed the description as follows: characteristic features that provokes the demon, how he is shown, how to neutralize the demon, a problem of the Black Moon in the sign, a way of a solution that the best realized Lilith in the sign gives, famous people with Lilith in the sign.

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Authors — A. Dolgopolova, S. Kuzmin (from the Russian book “The Black Moon in Signs: demons inside us”).

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