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Black Moon Lilith in Leo. Demon Celebrity

Look introductory article about an essence of the Black Moon Lilith and manifestations of demons inside us.

The problem of self-love, independence from someone else’s opinion

With royal generosity, he shows his mercy to others, and in general, only his presence should make everyone happy around, like the summer sun after a long winter, believes the demon of Leo.

But for some reason these ungrateful people do not notice him and do not appreciate him, do not hurry to express their admiration for him. How can they not appreciate his wise and sensitive leadership, because he gives them freedom, his decisions for the benefit of all, he tries so hard for his subjects. Demon of Leo resents that others do not appreciate him, while they do not represent anything, have no respect in the eyes of others, are absolutely unable to show themselves, demonstrate their virtues, and take on the role of leader and show wise leadership for the benefit of all. His voice is heard from afar. And not the volume, and the manner of speaking. He speaks as if his every word is on the weight of gold. You might think that the party leader, minister or president, or even Caesar himself, has come to your house. But it’s just Lilith in Leo speaks out on the issue… It doesn’t matter what the question. Whatever the conversation is about, he will come up and express his authoritative judgment. And he can express it for a very long time, at least for hours, until you yourself ask their majesty to leave you alone. Demon of Leo outwardly proud and independent, he is always in plain sight, always visible, and stands out even in the crowd of some kind of isolation.

Which provokes the demon of Leo. In others: when it is not recognized, do not show admiration and respect. When they say he’s nobody, a gray mouse. When someone tries to stand out. Irritating other people’s achievements, fame, fame. In itself: when climbs out of the skin to achieve popularity, authority.

How the demon manifests itself. Begins to blame in elevated tones that he is not appreciated. Shows demonstrative disrespect, insults. He can get mad, infuriate, by threatening and violent to demand admiration and submission.

How to neutralize the demon.To promise that you will appreciate him more from now on, to say that in fact everyone loves and respects him, to list his merits (if they are not, to invent), to flatter him.

Problem.Accusing others of not being loved or appreciated, Leo’s demon hides his problem. The truth is that the demon of Leo does not appreciate and does not love himself. That’s why he needs to love and evaluate others. Only the worship of millions and frenzied popularity can convince him that he is decent. Hence the external pride and independence of Lilith in Leo – fiction. In fact – a huge dependence on someone else’s opinion and the desire to fall over oneself, just to earn recognition.

Another problem of the demon of Leo is that, wanting to be visible, he does not know how to make a show of himself. He resents that he is not noticed, and he dresses in soft clothes, behaves too modestly and unassuming. It turns out a paradox: in front of you like Leo, there is no solar brightness in him, gray he, and more like the ghost of Leo.

Those who do not value themselves are not able to appreciate others. Indignant that he is not valued, the demon of Leo himself suffers from the non-recognition of other people’s merits. He does not notice the obvious achievements of his loved ones, constantly obese that they “smear the fool”, engaged in a frivolous business, is inclined to downplay the achievements of others, and would rather notice the disadvantages and blunders of another person than his successes.

Speaking with his authoritative statements, when he is not asked about it, only to draw attention to himself, the demon of Leo in a situation where it is really necessary, can not open his mouth. And often meets with his reflection: he likes to attract attention, but he is forced to listen to someone who thinks that his stories – manna heavenly for all. Example: a woman constantly gives children some comments, with an authoritative view of the clock “loads” them with their stories. But when a sister comes to visit her, who is fixated on religion, and “loads” her for three hours in a row, howling her voice with an expression reading religious canons, she can not stop her and silently listen to all “speech.”

Lilith in Leo imagines herself a recognized leader, exercising wise leadership. But in fact, if she is appointed head, it is only because you need a chairman to serve time in the office of “Horn and Hoof.” That is a front face, a figure for the diversion of eyes, a puppet. And Lilith in Leo and glad – now she will be in plain sight, it is recognized by many. Yes, she may be well known and loved by all, but she has no real power. This problem is faced not only by ordinary people, it pursues Lilith in Leo and on the tops of state power. John F. Kennedy with Lilith in Leo, although he achieved the love and admiration of the Americans, but could not carry out the decisions he wanted. Because they were dissatisfied with the shadow power, those forces that really owned power in the country. And when his plans began to interfere with the plans of these forces, he was killed. But at first glance the opposite person, also with Lilith in Leo: Lawrence Beria. On the contrary, he became famous, having achieved not the love of the people, but hatred. Under Stalin, he was a very influential figure, but as soon as Stalin died, and Beria wanted to become a leader, he was immediately removed. This proves that it is difficult to be an obvious authoritarian leader in Leo, to make decisions alone, to have such a position that no one could prevent her from governing at his own discretion. She will either lead secretly under an obvious leader or, if she is exposed in plain sight, the real power will have others. And often people with Lilith in Leo, if they come to power, notoriety from the general public, then through someone, not themselves. The Lion’s demon is too dependent on others.

Signs of the zodiac. Illustration to the article about the Black Moon in Leo

Meanwhile, among politicians, presidents a lot of people with Lilith in Leo. This position Lilith has to power, fame, a person himself will want to become famous, to take a high office, or even without his conscious will fate will so happen that he will be in a leadership role or become famous. But the desires must also be backed up by opportunities, otherwise it will end all sadly. And such a leader will not bring any real benefit to the people and to the cause. Many famous people with Lilith in Leo are killed or otherwise die young. Example: Marilyn Monroe. She gained worldwide fame as a sex symbol, universal love, but committed suicide (or was she killed?).

Lilith in Leo wants power, fame, universal love, but is not ready for the fact that the leader, the king, the idol of millions does not belong to himself, is not free in his choice. Subconsciously, this circumstance oppresses Lilith in Leo, and she provokes events that will help her to die. Unprocessed Lilith in Leo, if he declares, “give me only power, I will rule wisely”, is not really ready to take on the burden of responsibility of the leader or the burden of notoriety.

Demon of Leo looks very proud, offended if he is hurt. It claims to be authoritative, but it is necessary to have a firm opinion. And the demon of Leo too depends on the opinion of others, on formulaic installations. And when the demon of Leo expresses his opinion, he gives out one of the standard attitudes of society. Therefore, he does not see that because of this he is not the master of others, and also not a master of himself. That is, a bloated sense of self-importance covers complete personal non-freedom. Carlos Castaneda, who has Lilith in Leo, in his works raises including the topic of getting rid of a sense of self-importance. As long as you depend on how some people treated you, respect whether they love you or not, you can’t be considered free, and you can’t be an authority for them, to lead them.

Hence Lilith’s delusions in Leo, as if her leadership is all for the good. She either allows you to just sit on her neck, makes only popular decisions, pleases everyone, or gets angry that she can not get enough recognition, and begins to take punitive measures, becomes a tyrant.

Ways to solve the problem of Lilith in Leo:

  • Take care of a business that requires professional display of Leo’s qualities. Politics, management, and all professions related to fame, popularity, recognition. Actors, self-demonstration, performances.
  • Accept yourself in a situation where you don’t show up in plain sight and don’t pay attention to you.
  • Notice the success of other people who have achieved notoriety. Show respect for others if you want to be respected.
  • Start wearing brighter clothes.
  • Make your authoritative judgment only when you are asked about it, do not attract artificially someone else’s attention.
  • On the other hand, learn to refuse if someone demands that you pay too much attention to their person. Do not please others in everything, just to achieve their love and respect. That’s just going to sit on your neck. A firm position will give you a lot more credibility.
  • Agree to take the leadership position only if you are sure that you can really lead, and not play the role of a puppet.
  • Learn to make decisions as a leader, given that it will actually be helpful to your subordinates, not what they approve of. And not trying to bend your line, even if it doesn’t benefit anyone.

What gives the elaborate Lilith in Leo.

When the problems are solved and experience is accumulated, the person realizes himself on the Lion as much as possible. When he learns to love and appreciate himself regardless of the opinion of others, he will gain fame and love of millions, while preserving the spiritual comfort and not weighing on fame. Like Sophia Loren. At the very beginning of her career she was offered to have surgery to reduce her nose, because in those years were fashionable little spouts. But she refused to change her appearance in favor of fashion and fame. She was confident and considered herself beautiful, oblivious to what she called a “giraffe” for her high height and said she had a long nose. As a result, she achieved fame and is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Also, independence from someone else’s opinion and self-confidence open the possibility of a man with Lilith in Leo to become a recognized authority, the works of which will be very popular, to become the founder of the new doctrine, such as Carlos Castaneda. Or a well-known politician who is really capable of making strong-willed decisions in life, such as Vladimir Putin or Margaret Thatcher.

Famous people with Lilith in Leo: Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Alice Freundlich, Alfred Hitchcock, Alexander Shirvindt, Sergei Jursky, Elena Yakovleva, Alexander Dumas, Yuri Olesha, Leo Tolstoy, Carlos Castaneda, Alexander Men, Pavel Nakhimov, Isaac Newton, Dmitry Malikov, Sergey Rachmaninov

The authors are A. Dolgopolova, S. Kuzmin (from the Russian book “The Black Moon in Signs: demons inside us”).

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