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Moon signs: psychology of personality

Aries Moon Sign: character, career, love and family


With a moon in Aries, your main traits of character are energy, self-confidence (even self-confidence), enterprise, freedom of expression.

The dustiness of Aries Moon sign can sometimes lead you to a dead end. You will never accept the second place anywhere, showing firmness, perseverance, sometimes harshness. The desire to achieve the championship in everything results in an impatient desire to get a result, rather to finish the job just started. To pacify the inner fervor has to quickly, otherwise the relationship with others can be greatly aggravated.

The moon has awarded Aries sign a certain inner potential. You can cope with all difficulties, enthusiastically rush to help, to provide support to those in need. But Aries’s inner self hides deeply, never to the end showing character, skillfully changing it depending on the situation.

Among the positive traits of the character prevail: softness, sociability, excitability, energy. Negative traits include extreme impatience in actions, anxiety, inconsistency, exactingness, tediousness.


The Moon Aries is ruled by strong emotions. Aries reacts very aggressively to people who prefer to act consciously and diplomatically. It is difficult to contain assertiveness, activity, dynamism. Aries’ impatience is compensated by developed intuition. Aries always gets its way, no matter what it takes.

At the same time, the Moon Aries has excellent quality – its depressed mood never lasts long. It will soon recover and is ready for new achievements. Also Aries can flare up, but after a minute depart, from the most violent rage there is no trace.

Emotionally, Aries tends to dominate. That doesn’t mean it’s not touchy. With a moon in Aries you are close on your own personality, so the difficulties in dealing with others are understandable.

Often behind the aggression of Aries sincere idealism hides. Under the rough shell a real romantic lives. Externally, these people can behave very arrogantly. That’s why many don’t realize that extremely dreamy idealists are in front of them. Aries understands that life is given to live. In the manifestations of cheerfulness, he knows no boundaries.

The characteristics of the Lunar Aries. Images of the zodiac


Under the influence of the Moon, Aries can indulge in work with passion. With enthusiasm for it, Aries will stop at nothing in the quest to reach the top.

The Moon Aries is ambitious, so you are absolutely unable to deal with disappointments at work. If you turn out to be boring, completely loses interest in it and can leave the job unfinished. You can avoid such a catastrophe if you have patience – the necessary quality for this sign.

The worst thing you can do at work is to allow yourself to take it out on colleagues, not to respect the boss. The Moon Aries needs to contend with increasing vanity.

The ability to be active at work works perfectly for Aries. Their abilities include the ability to listen to others, to understand their problems, the ability to sympathize. That’s why most Aries work well with people, but turn away from those who start commanding them. Aries’ energy sometimes is amazing. Passionate about the work, you can persevere towards the intended goal for weeks. You strive for success, and the process of creativity, evaluation of work for you are much more important than financial rewards.

With Moon Aries sign you excel at what you see as a leader.


In love, the person of this sign is like a ball lightning bolt. It is ready to do everything for the subject of its passion or die. It’s impossible for it to come to terms with failure or defeat.

Romantic relationships take time to develop and grow stronger, but people of the Aries Moon sign are not able to wait. They demand immediate reciprocity from their lovers, forgetting about the daily efforts of love that are part of any relationship. It is the Moon that makes Aries rush to fight the love obstacles with its head. It needs a person who will respond to its feeling immediately without hesitation. Aries should control its selfishness and try to develop altruism.

In love Ariens are full of sincere desire to do only a pleasant loved one, in which they often appreciate individuality, because they are strong personalities.

Only the study and education of their personal qualities will allow to find a true soul mate in love relationships, to preserve them for life.

The man of this sign, under the influence of the Moon, will be able to soften his natural aggression somewhat. Only his inner voice can tell him that in a loving relationship he can overcome anxiety and impatience.

Aries can be very hot-tempered. Reacting violently to the fact that it does not give pleasure, it just as quickly calms down. It is not able to sulk and be angry for a long time. This trait makes Aries look like children and many like it.

The Moon Aries is very passionate. It aspire to be the best lover possible. It puts a lot of energy and enthusiasm into love, never allowing itself to seem rude, insensitive, unceremonious.

Ariens are dreamers, they are romantically related to their chosen ones. They have only one drawback: adoring and strongly supporting a state of love, they are not created for the everyday efforts of love necessary to ensure happiness in everyday life.

In an ideal relationship, The Moon Aries will protect the partner as soon as possible. You will never be boring in love living with a person of this sign. It tries to turn life with a loved one into a holiday.


Within the family Lunar Aries is an invariably gentle and loving creature. Only sometimes it doesn’t feel a sense of proportion in an attempt to establish its own laws in the family. Person of this sign is sometimes tiring even for others.
It is unlikely that the Moon Aries will like the role of hostess or owner of the house. It likes comfort, but the daily work weighs on it and makes it spend a lot of energy. Many of the excuses it makes in this regard will be the same: it wouldn’t mind dealing with urgent matters related to the house, but does not have time.
Moon Aries prefers to restore order, cutting things in the corners everywhere, rather than laying them in places, as it should be.
Persons born under this lunar sign are very faithful and devoted.

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