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Black Moon Lilith in Aries. Demon Activist

Look introductory article about an essence of the Black Moon Lilith and manifestations of demons inside us.

Independence problem

The pig will find dirt everywhere, and the demon of the Aries — work. It does every second something. Works like a horse even for pennies, and, without having managed to come home, immediately starts bringing order, to erase, prepare …

The word rest is unfamiliar to it. Complains that was tired, and in days off and the periods of a holiday goes crazy from lack of work, itself begins to look for it. Offers you the help by action (to be tidied up in the apartment, to wash, make a lunch), and you will not manage to answer still nothing, starts doing it. In any collective it is allocated with activity, an initiative, shows organizing abilities. Constantly says about how he works hard as he is tired because that it is necessary to do everything for others since without it nobody can make anything. Considers if not it, all affairs would rise long ago, the apartment grew with dirt, house starved to death. Does not recognize that others in general are capable to make something independently. “Nobody can do anything, only I!” — the demon of the Aries is sure. The person lying in the afternoon on a bed causes in him undisguised contempt. If you though for a second tarry at once after a meal to start washing a plate, he will ruthlessly hold up you to shame. Complains that fellow workers are reconciled with injustice of the administration, only he one calls them for fight for the rights and safely states everything that thinks.

What provokes the demon of the Aries. In people around: inaction, attempts to rely on others and on him in particular. In: when he tries to force himself to work, and there are no forces any more. When force to admit the dependence fact, say: “without us you could not make it”.

As the demon is shown. Shouts, accuses of the rough, angry form people around. Standard charges: “idlers, can do nothing, long sleep, freeloaders, do not carry out the duties, live in the pigsty, hope for someone, are dependent, indecisive, passive amoebas, reserved coward tikhushnik. He and so at work was tired, and here everything should be done for them”. The demon of the Aries can sneer, pass to personal insults which essence: “you can do nothing”. The extreme form — aggression, rushes on people around with fists or there is enough first comer under a hand a subject. Can prove in a passive form of the complainant, when there is no forces on activity.

How to neutralize the demon. To agree with him, to promise to do everything, but not to give him excess full-time job. In case of violent manifestations — to avoid contact, in case of aggression — to fight back, frighten by physical violence. If complains — not to sympathize.

Problem. Independence of the demon of the Aries — a facade. Actually there is someone (parents, the partner, the organization) who financially and energetically supports him. It is rushed forth because feels: always there is a reliable back, in case of failure is on whom to count. Lilith in the Aries is not able to count only on herself really! Once this back disappears, it will turn into the helpless child. Because he is not able to pave the reliable way for actions, and come to ready everyone can. But at the same time the demon of the Aries also does not recognize that for his activity the way was paved by others. If it has to use your help, he will long speak then, as without you perfectly would cope. It looks active and independent, but only having attached in the reliable state organization or the hired worker in firm. He is afraid to open the business. Unstable compensation frightens him — here in what a solution of its readiness to work for pennies. Better the pennies but guaranteed by the organization, than big salary, but depending on him. Here also all illusiveness of self-confidence of the demon of the Aries because actually he is not confident in himself reveals. He says to others that they can independently make nothing, but at heart considers that he cannot itself, and will hide this uncertainty under ostentatious activity.

Its activity for 90% — unnecessary, excess actions. He could receive the same results, having spent many times less energy, then he would not feel like the tired-out horse. Example: the woman goes for work to other end of the city because several years costs in line, hoping to receive the apartment from the organization. But all it is obvious that no apartments will be given there. The main thing that holds it — subconscious diffidence: here to me good conditions were created (too pennies pay, but it is slightly more, than to others), and suddenly I will leave, and in other place and it will not give. If she ceased to count on someone, then would get a job near the house, and it is even better — would look for a way of independent independent earnings. Now the situation reached that to it salary detain, even these pennies are not paid, for work no conditions are created, and demand brilliant results. It has to force it to understand that it is possible to count only on himself. Still example: already working independently, quite providing itself, the woman continues to go to the state work. Works for pennies during night shifts, spends many forces. Motivates it so: it is necessary to finish to pension, it is the guaranteed money. Again slips diffidence: you never know, suddenly I will not be able to earn.

Overloads often bring the person with Lilith in the Aries to problems with health. Only to prove (first of all to themselves) that without it all affairs will rise, he performs work which others had to make. It cannot accurately separate the duties from duties of others since is afraid that others will not execute the part of work, and all business will be ruined. True motive of this fear: the result of its work will not be visible, it will not be able to prove. If not I, then who? — he thinks. And others use it, shifting the tasks to the Aries.

The demon of the Aries creates a problem to other people, depriving of them independence. He starts doing everything for the person not of sincere desire to help but only then to reproach him it, to expose the person the worthless parasite, and himself — active, all-powerful, responsible. He diligently tries to suppress activity of people around, ruthlessly criticizing each action of other person. It is only worth preparing doing to the person something as the demon of the Aries already cries out: “There now, you incorrectly do, I and knew that you can do nothing. Let me make!” 


Leadership skills and courage of the demon of the Aries — too a fiction. He shouts that nothing is necessary to anybody, urges to fight for the rights, to openly express to the administration, the powers that be the discontent, but as soon as reaches business, disappears in bushes. Accuses others of dumb humility, and itself cannot openly speak in protection of the rights. Shows ostentatious courage when nobody attacks it, in a passive environment, but it is frightened, meeting the real opponents. Pretends that he organized it, led others whereas in fact they perfectly went without him.

Ways of a solution of the problem of Lilith in the Aries:

— Be engaged in the business demanding professional manifestation of qualities of the Aries. Individual work, opening of the business. Organizer. The work demanding leadership skills and big personal activity. The head leading others.

— Learn to relax, have a rest. Accept yourself in a condition of passivity when you do nothing, you do not show an initiative. Recognize that support of others is sometimes necessary, do not hesitate to address for it.

— Do household chores, show activity, only when there is a wish and when it is really necessary — you are not obliged to do it constantly!

— Do not prevent others to act independently, do not impose the help by action.

— Do not do their work for other people. Carry out only the duties — if business breaks because of non-performance of the duties by others, you are not responsible for it.

— Assert the rights when they are broken, express directly the discontent. Do not agree to work for pennies, to carry out free of charge others duties, to work in improper conditions.

— Show an initiative in work, make the proposals.

— Be not afraid to get into open conflict with the real opponent.

— Do not trust promises (the states, the organizations, relatives …) to provide you with something (the apartment, stable earnings …), count only on yourself.

What the best realized Lilith in the Aries gives.

When problems are solved and experience is accumulated, the person realizes himself on the Aries as much as possible. He is capable to lead of fight for justice not only several people in collective, but also all people. Example: Vladimir Lenin who lifted the people on revolution, overthrow of the government. In behavior and Lenin’s character qualities of the Aries were brightly shown. Astrologers try to explain it with proximity of its Sun (22.04) to the sign of the Aries, but actually it his Lilith was shown.

Famous people with Lilith in the Aries: Vladimir Lenin, Yury Andropov, Albert Einstein, Pamela Andersen, Richard Gere, Lev Durov, Evgeny Zharikov, Alla Pugacheva, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Louis de Funes, Alexander Pushkin, Honoré de Balzac, Lev Kassil, Rabindranath Tagore.

Authors — A. Dolgopolova, S. Kuzmin (from the Russian book “The Black Moon in Signs: demons inside us”).


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