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Building a house on the moon cycle

Construction of the roof and external fitting of the house according to the lunar cycle


To keep your roof out, check your work with the lunar calendar.
On the day of the young moon it is better to postpone the construction of the roof, otherwise the shingles will be bad to hold. Also avoid days of water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Fish), otherwise the roof will quickly overgrow mud and moss.

It is desirable to cover the roof in a damaged moon on thermal and light days (Twins, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Lion, Sagittarius).

A sample of a country private house. Photos

A little about thatched roofs: in the South Russian villages still lay thatched roofs. This is not done by accident. Straw absorbs the sun’s rays very well, so under such a roof you can always hide from the heat, and for countries with hot summers it is very important.

How good such a roof will be and how long it will last depends on the influence of lunar rhythms.
•Collecting straw is recommended at the young Moon, and cover at the flawed, but not in the days of Aries, Lion or Sagittarius.
If you choose the right time, the straw will lie tight and will be less exposed to dampness.

Outdoor trim

Cracks in the plaster of even new houses can be caused by the quality of the building materials you have chosen, unfavorable for the construction of the house natural conditions, temperature changes and the wrong time of work.
•External and internal plasterwork and exterior finishes should be carried out at the damaged Moon.
•It is necessary to avoid the days of Cancer: plaster will hold badly, and wood will get wet.
•For outdoor works unfavorable days of the Lion at the young moon: these days the plaster dries very quickly

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