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Black Moon Lilith in Gemini. Demon Intellectual

Look introductory article about an essence of the Black Moon Lilith and manifestations of demons inside us.

The problem of specificity

At first there was a word… and then one more, and another, ten, twenty, a hundred, a million words, falling upon you by a stormy waterfall. It’s not God who creates the universe, it’s just a Gemini’s demon.

His words get stuck in your brains like snoz and make you change his point of view, even if he has two classes of education, and you are a professor and know all about life. His ideas, opinions and words as computer viruses penetrate into the minds of other people, staying there for a long time, if not forever, and erasing what does not correspond to them. Listening to him, you seem to agree with him under hypnosis, although later you may not even remember what he told you. However, to understand what he says, sometimes it is simply impossible – his speech is built in such a way that leads you to the true meaning of his words the same way that Susanin Poles, he splashes out on you a huge, but completely haphazard flow of information, expresses in no specific way. At the same time, the demon of Gemini is sure that he simply and clearly explained his idea to you, and will resent what an incomprehensible donkey he came across. Grief to you, if you do not agree with his opinion – your he will not even listen and will raise the cry louder than the police siren. Opinions that do not coincide with his own opinion, the demon of Gemini can not stand and considers his point of view the only true. Whatever you ask him, he’ll give an answer, as if he knows everything in the world. His intellect is constantly in the work, he invents something, composes, writes. “If I don’t think, then I don’t exist,” the demon of Gemini says. He often complains that he has to think for everyone and everyone to educate, because there is only a darkness of ignorance around, and only he is the only source of knowledge that broadcasts to the entire universe, and there is no one else to educate the people. He laments that everyone exploits his mental abilities, for example, it is necessary to solve problems for all classmates. He thinks ahead of what should happen, assumes how other people can behave, a clear program is built in his brain, and if the reality does not connect with his plans, comes to a frenzy. Try to promise him something and not to do – even your death will not be considered a good cause and will not save you from his wrath! The ensuing silence in the process of communication makes him mad, he will accuse you that you are not able to maintain a conversation on topics of interest to him and with you boring. He’s only doing what he’s interested in right now. If there is no interest, he will give up this occupation no matter what money. His life is like a game, the motives of his behavior can not be sorted out without a bottle. He makes plans like a great combiner, and in how to make the most of the simple, he has no equal. It will confuse hopelessly even the most banal situation. Any fly will present you with an elephant, going out for bread in the store will present as a transition by Caesar Rubikon. In all cases, he is in a hurry, as if on a fire. What comes to his mind should be done instantly. “If not now, then never!” Demon of Gemini thinks. If you do not rush to carry out his order or recommendation for the second time, you will shout that you are irresponsible, indecisive, lazy. If he began to speak out, it is useless to object, because it is easier to block a stormy river with a dam than to shut up Lilith in Gemini. He suffers from “verbal diarrhea.” Will splash out all the information that is present in his mind at the moment, absolutely frankly tell not only about himself, but also will tell all other people’s secrets. He will tell anyone, even the highest boss, what he thinks of him, regardless of any consequences. Never think about the tact of his words, that he can offend or offend in his own words another person, does not “filter the bazaar.” The wrong speech or the missed comma irritate him like a red bull rag. If a person does not understand something from the floor, the demon of Gemini will consider him a hopeless dummy.

Illustration to the article about the Black Moon in Gemini

Which provokes the Gemini’s demon. In others: misunderstanding, disagreement with his opinion, slowness, when forced to deal with what he is not interested in, when it does not happen as he planned, when it is forbidden to speak openly, when he is accused of indisorctiveness or free attitude to intellectual work. In itself: when the level of knowledge does not allow you to speak on any issue, when it forces itself to communicate, and there is no desire to communicate, when he tries to force himself to engage in mental work, and the forces are no longer there.

How the demon manifests itself.Screams, moves on to a threatening, overbearing tone. Standard accusations against others: “primitive interests, stupid, do not think, do not know how to talk correctly; unable to think for yourself, one has to think for them; indecisive, too slow; egoists do not take into account the interests of others.” He throws a violent tantrum with insults and swearing. Aggressive, can strike.

How to neutralize the demon.Agree with him, promise to do as he wants. If he fights, resist, tie it. Since Gemini is an air sign, the demon of Gemini is of the mental level, unlike other demons it can be stopped by calling for arguments of reason.

Problem. The demon of Gemini acts as a universal informant, but in fact Lilith in Gemini can not convey information to the external environment, to embody the idea in the material world. Can not express the idea in specific words so that it is understood by others. Expresses the idea in general and does not want to mince the details. Calling for something, he does not give instructions on what exactly needs to be done to achieve this. He is mentally at the highest level, not wanting to ground the information, so that it becomes clear to everyone.

The talkativeness, sociability of the demon of Gemini – imaginary. He rarely starts the conversation first, waiting for you to speak to him and keep the conversation up. He will pour out streams of words on the topic of his professional interest or hobby, but will not be able to tell you a word about anything else. That’s why he prefers to communicate only with people of his level and with similar interests – other people are more likely to find common ground with an alien than with him. He is, indeed, in a sense an alien: lives in his own world, limited by his interest, and does not want to hear about anything else. Lilith in Gemini is pressed by a subconscious attitude about the need to be sociable, to be able to find a common language with each, and when she does not succeed, she gets irritated and closes in itself, the subconscious attitude of self-judgment is turned on. Rather, it would prefer to avoid contact with people of other interests, because initially I am sure that there will be nothing to talk to them about, but it will be to blame itself.

Leaving the real world into mental structures is another problem for Lilith in Gemini. Having built a mental structure, she waits for it to be performed by itself, without taking any action on the physical plane. It’s still the same problem of grounding ideas. As a result, nothing happens and she is disappointed. Or it acts, but based on its illusory ideas, detached from reality, so for others remains an invisible man. He seems to have made it clear, but no one understood anything, because he spoke some of his own language.

Grief from the mind is an expression that fits Lilith in Gemini the best possible way. Having the establishment that the mind must completely control the senses, it often suppresses its true feelings, replaces them with arguments of the mind, engaged in self-deception and deception of others. This is an obstacle in her personal life, because she can not afford, say, to confess to love, considering love as an uncontrollable state of shame. Will try to cover up love with reasonable excuses or present as nothing meaningful game. When he tries to express feelings in words, he does it in a way that is not understood.

The next installation of Lilith in Gemini – it is necessary to shine intellect, the mind – the main advantage of man. Demon of Gemini subconsciously believes that he is valued only for his mind, no longer in any capacity he is not interested in others and is no longer capable of anything else. And here he, forgetting about everything else, devotes all his strength to study, then mental work, such, where his intellect is visible, speaks in public, demonstrating the fruits of his intellect. If the demon Aries can be called a drummer of physical labor, the demon of Gemini – the drummer of the mental work. “If I don’t shine, I’m nothing,” he says. Example: a girl in the second grade pours streams of tears because she received not a fiver, as usual, but a five with a small minus. She sought to read more words per minute, and she succeeded, but had a slightly negative impact on the quality of reading. Others comforted her, said that she still read the most words and received the five, but she did not listen to anything and considered this little minus for herself a great shame. Other Lilith in Gemini, who initially does not manage to study well in school, subconsciously suffer from the inferiority complex because of the fact that not smart enough, envy the students, elevating them almost to the rank of saints. Or on the contrary, they hate the excellent students, loudly express their contempt for them, but in the soul, again, envy. Example: a girl, having met her classmate, studying at the university, tells her with a proud appearance that she married and gave birth to a child at 17, as if it were some heroic achievement. She does not study anywhere, works as a salesman in a stall. He says, “Why don’t you get married and have a baby too, keep up with us, why this study?” But another girl of the same year, also with Lilith in Gemini, tells a classmate: “As I envy you, I would rather study than with a baby to babysit.” The girl also married and had a child at the age of 17, but then went on to study law school.

The Gemini’s demon looks deeply educated, but only looks. He seems to know about everything in the world, but this knowledge is superficial, haphazard. It is difficult for him to structure the knowledge, he does not remember the sources of knowledge, he can not remember how he learned it. He can afford, only starting to study any direction, already write on it scientific works and teach others. This number he passes at the expense of intuition, of course, in the future his intuitive assumptions are confirmed. But when it is necessary to present concrete facts, knowledge of the basics, history, this knowledge is not enough, and often not at all. The Gemini’s demon can reinvent the wheel and open America. He does not believe in other people’s experience, he must reach everything himself.

The reluctance to listen to the opinion, which does not coincide with his own, is sometimes based on the fact that the demon of Gemini himself is not yet fully confident in his opinion, doubts him, does not have convincing enough (primarily for himself) evidence. Aggressively proving his opinion to others, he tries to convince himself.

The frankness of the Gemini demon is also imaginary. Much of what he purports to speak frankly is not true, does not reflect his true opinion or is greatly exaggerated.
Reproaching others in irresponsibility, demon of Gemini hides that he does not like to take responsibility, preferring to do things on the mood, do only what he is interested in and not burden himself with any duties. He reproaches others for selfishness, but he always thinks first of all about his interest, forgetting about the interests of others.

Gemini, like Libra, is a sign of equal partnership, and Lilith in these signs will give a preponderance in one direction or another, the rejection of equal relations. That is, a person will strive either to dominate the relationship, to have a dependent partner on him, a subordinate partner, or he will be happy to a subordinate, dependent position. Gemini – a sign of unity of opposites, and Lilith in Gemini, on the contrary, gives the desire to divide everything and everyone into black and white, according to certain signs, differences, to classify. In the most extreme form – racism, etc. Adolf Hitler, who divided people into white Aryans and blacks – all others, was the demon of Gemini.

Lilith in Gemini does not allow others to show their intellectual abilities, offering their help in writing texts, solving problems, giving advice on how to act. As soon as others begin to show something on their own, heaps with criticism that they are not good at it, and better he will do everything himself. Complains that you have to think and decide for everyone, and he does not allow other people to think and decide for themselves to keep them under control and engage in vampirism.

The detachment from the earthly plan of Lilith in Gemini leads to the fact that she does not accept the simplicity of real life, seeks to complicate, confuse, play roles and change masks, drawing in their scenarios others, wants life, as in a novel or a fantasy film. Surrounding from such complications suffer, and the demon of Gemini, being detached from reality, comes into conflict with it.

Ways to solve the problem of Lilith in Gemini:

    • Get on with a business that requires the professional expression of Gemini’s qualities. Journalist, writer. Programmer, scientist, teacher. Working with databases, work that requires sorting, structuring, issuing information, where you have to read a lot, process information. Translator. Director, screenwriter, actor.
    • Learn to relax, to relax from mental work. Accept yourself in a state where you don’t think about anything, the mind doesn’t work and you live only with emotions.
    • Don’t force yourself to communicate if you don’t want to, you don’t have to talk to everyone and everything. If you can’t keep a conversation with someone, don’t feel guilty, the other person is just as involved in communication, and could also make an effort. You are not a universal database and do not have to share all the interests of the world. Let yourself say “I don’t know that” or “I have nothing to say about it.”
    • Raise your level of education, read more books, get knowledge from different sources. First, accumulate enough knowledge, and then give them to the external environment. Fix all the books you’ve read, write quotes so you can always present the source of the information.
    • When you want to teach others, to convey your idea to others, make such a text, as if you are going to teach a first-grader, so that even he understands.
    • Express feelings not with words, but directly, in emotions and concrete actions.
    • Do not build mental structures, how events will develop, live in the present moment – the future depends only on your actions. If you do not act, but only assume and wait, nothing will happen. If you make plans, it is only about your actions, not the actions and reactions of other people. All the planned actions implement, do not leave hanging over you unrealized mental structures.
    • Don’t try to think and speak for everyone, give other people the opportunity to show your intelligence.
    • Before forcing others to play in the life scenario roles that you have identified to them, you will be an actor yourself, first learn to play the chosen role for yourself. Do not impose on others roles that do not suit them at all, look realistically what a person is capable of.

What the best realized Lilith in Gemini gives.

When problems are solved and experience is gained, a person can show the qualities of Gemini as much as possible. His ideas will be perceived not only in a narrow circle of like-minded people, but also on the scale of the country, nation, world. Not only the immediate environment, but the whole world will become a stage where the performance will take place according to its scenario. Examples: Karl Marx, whose teachings spread all over the world and raised a wave of revolutions. Adolf Hitler, who hypnotized millions with his speeches and raised them to world war.

Famous personalities with Lilith in Gemini: Ilya Repin, Vera Alentova, Irina Alferova, Gillian Andersen, Donatas Banionis, Roman Polanski, Kurt Russell, Barbara Streisand, Liv Tyler, Margarita Terekhova, Harrison Ford, Charlie Chaplin, Anna Akhmatova, Nikolai Gogol, Adolf Hitler

Authors – A. Dolgopolova, S. Kuzmin (from the Russian book “The Black Moon in Signs: demons inside us”).

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