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Black Moon Lilith in Virgo. Accounting Demon

Look introductory article about an essence of the Black Moon Lilith and manifestations of demons inside us.

The problem of saving

One of the people’s recommendations for protection from vampires says: a reliable remedy – scattered around the house poppy. Because a vampire just can’t get out of his seat until he counts every single poppy seed.

Apparently, the vampire that medieval peasants were dealing with, the Black Moon was in Virgo.

He is one of those who will go to the other end of the city to buy eggs for penny cheaper, even if they are crushed on the way back on the bus. Because the magic word “cheaper” makes him rush at least to the end of the world like rats going to the call of a magic pipe. If you come to visit him, he will diligently offer to treat you to everything he has, but if you, God forbid, he will always remind you of the sandwiches eaten by him and the uneconomically scattered crumbs from them, and that it all costs money. It will be menacing to ask the guests if they went to his room without demand and did not touch with his dirty hands HIS new tile in his toilet, because all this paid HIS money. Demon of Virgo will insist on offering you material assistance, buy the right thing, but when it comes to buying, will force you to spend hours begging him for the money promised by him, claiming that this thing – just waste and unaffordable luxury, and that you only dream how to ruin it and waste all the money in the wind. He counts every penny, keeps a notebook accounting for income and expenses. Accuses everyone of absolute uneconomical, wastefulness, inability to keep records of money and distinguish the necessary purchases from excesses. In his opinion, the only tning everyone around think about is how to waste money. And also they don’t follow the order and cleanliness in the house, litter, crumble on the floor, scatter, where horrible things, violate the order in the house, so diligently guarded Lilith in Virgo, when every thing she laid out on her shelf. He’s just obsessed with cleanliness, and even when he dies, he’ll crawl around the apartment and wipe the floor, yelling that there’s tons of dirt around, and he sees the bacteria under the rim of the toilet. If you suddenly transfer his thing to another shelf, the demon virulnus will raise such a cry, as if you moved the Earth to another orbit. If you have at least one snub on the floor, if the thing has moved a millimeter from the place put to it, if you did not know that in the next market the same sausage can be bought for two rubles cheaper, Lilith in Virgo will consider you a complete insignificance, blowing all the money in the wind and living in complete chaos.

Demon of Virgo is afraid for his health, sees in itself and others in any malaise signs of a deadly disease, and if you sneeze, strongly recommend you urgently call an ambulance.

Women with Lilith in Virgo often complain about the loss of sexual interest in them partner. They think it’s his fault. Lilith in Virgo alwayssuspects treason, that the partner is having fun with mistresses on the side, so there is no interest in her. Many Lilith in Virgo are in full confidence that all men – sexual maniacs, who only think, as if to “wind up” and quit. And no matter how much the partner does not assured her of the sincerity of feelings, she will torment him with tedious conversations that “you all need one thing”, to accuse of infidelity and unserious intentions. Her imagination will paint her pictures, as he meets with some depraved women, engaged with them perverted sex. To get a partner tedious conversations and niggle on the little things Lilith in Virgo in general loves. Will “saw” her husband everyday remarks, complain to everyone, which she got unbearable husband, but she will never leave him, rather, wait until he dies. And it does not leave not from great love, but because subconsciously believes: other men are even worse.

A man with Lilith in Virgo will also constantly get his wife with his remarks and jealous suspicions, conduct tedious conversations, how a decent woman should behave, and teach how to run a household and, in general, how to live properly.

Which provokes the demon of Virgo. In others – when do not monitor cleanliness and order, when things are scattered, when throw away old clothes, do not want to store, when not looking for, where cheaper, and buy immediately. When they violate the order he has set, they touch or move his belongings. When you don’t listen to his advice, they do something in the house without asking him for permission. When they show a clear interest in sex, not covering it with other motives.

In itself: when he forces himself to live for a pittance, when he is saved so that he can not spend his own money, walks in slings, in all he refuses. When he realizes that he can’t afford to show sexual desires. When he forces himself every minute to restore order and cleanliness, and no strength is left. When he is accused of tediousness, greed, embezzlement of money it is not clear on what, attempts to blackmail others with money and teach lives, in violation of order and purity.

How the demon manifests itself. Makes tedious conversations. Standard accusations: do not follow the order, do not keep clean, do not wash dishes, do not wash the floor, do not clean in his room. They do not know how to save money, buy unnecessary things, spend, keep dependents on their necks, and then are forced to sit without money or beg. They accuse others of depravity and perversity. Accused partner of treason, indecent behavior, and that he does everything wrong around the house, niggle on every little thing. They like to give ultimatums: either you do this, or I’ll leave. Threaten to deprive material support, not to give more money. They can raise a loud cry and a scandal.

How to neutralize the demon.Agree with him, promise to do cleaning, wash dishes, keep order and cleanliness. To say that you will no longer take money from him, that from now on you will spend your money sparingly, buy cheap things at the bazaar, do not go to an expensive store, that you will always make stocks of products on a “black day”.

Problem.Accusing others of uneconomicality, the demon of Virgo hides his problem. The truth is that Lilith in Virgo doesn’t really know how to save. Yes, yes! He will go to the other end of the city to buy eggs for the ruble cheaper, but will not think how much money he will spend on gasoline or bus fare! Wanting to save the ruble, he spends ten rubles more. He refuses to buy new clothes, considering it an unaffordable luxury, will walk in the old age, happily considering that he saved, but will just eat this money saved by the thousands. On food demon of Virgo somehow mystically decides to spend huge sums. And also on completely unnecessary junk, just because it’s cheap. He buys completely unnecessary things that will never be used, just because they are reduced prices. The word “low-priced sale” beckons him like a magnet. Situation: the granddaughter asks her grandmother to buy her in the store cosmetics lipstick, but the grandmother says that it is an unaffordable luxury. After a while, the grandmother happily declares to her granddaughter that she bought her as many as two lipsticks! The granddaughter looks and sees two cheap lipsticks of disgusting quality, one of which is poisonous orange and the other is black and bard. But it’s cheap! Naturally, the granddaughter refused such a “gift.” Grandma’s money was just thrown away, and my granddaughter was left with nothing. Although with this money the grandmother could buy one high-quality lipstick granddaughter. So, as a result of such economic policy, Lilith’s money in Virgo is squandered, and the house is littered with unnecessary rubbish. No economy and no order, for which the demon of Virgo so advocates!

Demon of Virgo pretends that he is the only one in the universe to monitor cleanliness and order, but, demanding not to disturb the order and cleanliness in his room, he violates the order in someone else’s territory. Example: the son left in his room for storage the bag of a friend of the girl, and the father yells: “what is it, in our house is not a storage room! What a mess!” At the same time, he forced his son’s entire room with old cupboards and filled with bags of some junk, arranged a storage warehouse for junk. Accuses his son that he does not wash the floor in his room, and he brings him there dirty bags.

Lilith’s house in Virgo is littered not only with unnecessary junk bought on the cheap, but also by junk, with which she does not want to part. She will store shoes, clothes of a hundred years ago – why good to disappear, it is not economical. It’s not the really good idea all the time to buy different types of expensive clothes for the daughter, I will better sew for her the dress to get out of the great-grandfather’s pants, they are still torn, and he will not wear them, because he died – that is practically thinking Lilith in Virgo.

Here is an another example of Lilith’s “practicality” in Virgo: a woman comes to another city for the funeral of her lonely sister. My sister was left with an apartment, which the woman sells for pennies to enterprising neighbors. But he drags through half the country old TV of her sister and a suitcase of her old dresses.

Another source of income leakage of the Virgo’s demon  – help to loved ones. And he imposes this help himself, offers very insistently, even if he is not asked about it. But do not be deceived – he does not do it out of the kindness of his heart. He only needs a reason for vampirism – to establish material dependence on him man. And then he will vampire him with constant reproaches of every penny, threats to deprive material aid, denying the money that promised, ridicule of the man that he wastes his money thoughtlessly and is forced to ask for handouts. It labels all impractical spenders and beggars. And if he asks for money, that’s a great joy for the demon Virgo – he will make him beg for money on his knees, humiliate, prove for hours that this thing is really necessary. And then he throws out such a trick: he will agree, will go with the person for purchase, but already on the spot will begin to doubt, shaking the man nerves, forcing him again to beg him, to worry that everything will be canceled, and thus absorbing his energy. Or will force a person to buy a substandard thing, but cheap. Example: having accumulated a large sum, the mother goes with her daughter to another city to buy her a natural fur coat. But, after going through the bazaar, tells the girl that it is too expensive, although the money is enough. As a result, buys his daughter a terrible artificial fur coat, hanging on the girl bag, for the amount, twenty times less than the money available to her. The girl will be forced to pass in this fur coat for several years. And the money brought back diverges in the blink of an eye is unknown for what.

Demon of Virgo is not interested in seeing his loved ones with a well-equipped life and materially independent. He will do everything to convince that they are absolutely incapable of spending money correctly, that they let all their money into the wind, and then depend on it.

Seeking to save a penny, Lilith in Virgo tries not to notice the obvious fact: many money is not enough not because they spend them on some excesses, but because they are basically not enough, the person gets a little! And at least save money, even the necessary will not be enough. But Lilith in Virgo will never advise to demand a salary increase or look for a better-paying job. She is sure that the lack of money is to blame only the impracticality of the person. And all because it is a problem of the demon of Virgo – often Lilith in Virgo work for pennies, can not afford to demand a decent payment for their work, because they are subconsciously afraid to hear accusations of waste, they say, money in the wind throws, and then it is not enough. This is her subconscious attitude, she suffers from self-blame for non-economy. And he projectes this complex on others. And since she subconsciously considers herself a food eater, when she still tries to demand more money, others voice her own self-incrimination. Example: a female healer worked for pennies. As a result, she was often ill, and she and her son were in serious trouble. And when she finally decided on the advice of colleagues to demand higher payment for her help, a young girl, whom she called this “higher” price (in fact, this price was ridiculous) told her: “You’re fucking!”

So Lilith in Virgo is petty, engaged in crot-fighting, spends a huge effort trying to save a penny, instead of directing these efforts to a radical solution to the problem – to find a way to earn more money.

Even being well-off, Lilith in Virgo is afraid to starve to death, which is why such astronomical sums go to her for food. She furnishes the house with cheap furniture, buys cheap tasteless clothes, although on her income could afford a decent interior, and decent things. But no, if you spend so much money on things, there’s nothing left for food! Lilith inspires her fear in virula.

Lilith in Virgo is afraid not only to starve to death, but also for his health in general. But at the same time does not want to go to the doctors, because he is afraid to hear a terrible diagnosis. It turns out another paradox: fearing panic for his health, Lilith in Virgo does not care about him at all, launches diseases. As a result, when she is simply forced to go to the hospital, it often turns out that nothing can be done. Example: the woman fell ill, but did not go to the hospital – she was afraid that she would be diagnosed with cancer. So she lived for several months, and when the disease forced her to go to the hospital, she was diagnosed with cancer, but at the last stage, the doctor told relatives that it was too late to operate. She died a few days later. Not preserving her health, Lilith in Virgo takes her children to doctors for no reason, suspecting children of any disease.

The main problem in relations with the opposite sex Lilith in Virgo – is her pickiness to everything, constant reproaches and moralizing. Demon of Virgo will harass the partner with tedious conversations, suspect obscene behavior in society, set a bunch of rules, which he must follow, will control everything to the smallest detail, specify how to cook or nail to score, constantly “stand over the soul.” He is such a serious vigilante of the home order, who teaches how to live properly. That’s why Lilith in Virgo has problems in his personal life – the partner just gets tired of to endure these tedious teachings and constantly follow some rules. Or Lilith in Virgo with irritation leaves, if she is not allowed to read notations and do not follow her rules.

Another problem of Lilith’s in Virgo personal life is more profound and concerns sex. She’s got a “point” about sex. Demon Virgo subconsciously believes that sexual desires should be limited and covered by some higher motives. Lilith in Virgo takes sex too seriously, feels a subconscious sense of guilt. This is manifested in nervousness, irritation with partners, desire to make relations some “right”: to live by the laws of some spiritual doctrine, to engage in some noble work together, to take on the education of children, etc. Only to prove that their union has a noble goal, they are together not only for the sake of sex, they were united by higher matter. That’s why Lilith in Virgo so likes to come up with some rules that you have to live by. She can not just enjoy life and meet their needs – she will feel guilty. But, accusing others of depravity and obsession with sex, the demon of Virgo projected on them his subconscious desires. In fact, Lilith in Virgo has an increased interest in sex, the desire to have sex for the sake of sex, without any feelings and high matter, but engaged in self-deception and deception of others. A woman with Lilith in Virgo constantly suspects a partner of infidelity, but angers her that she herself subconsciously wants diversity, but infidelity she will not allow for fear that she will be considered vicious. You have to respect the norms of morality, the partner should be only one, you want the other – break with it. She states that her partner has stopped showing interest in her, but this is her projection, in fact she has lost interest in him. Unrealized desires will be manifested in such perverted fantasies about the infidelities of the partner, about the adventures of “this dog” that in a pornographic film you will not see. And his fantasies Lilith in Virgo generously shares with others, under a good pretext to warn them against immorality and vice. From Lilith’s morals to the child: “there are bad words that you should not say. These are the words … (next is a detailed list of the selected mat).” Lilith’s mate has a special attitude to the mat. The demon of Virgo himself will never allow himself to swear, but as a teaching, what words can not be said, will give a very detailed list. Such teachings or alleged indignation of other people’s obscene statements (imagine, this scoundrel Vasya said such words as…) for Lilith in Virgo – a good reason to realize his suppressed desire to pronounce “bad words”.

The most extreme manifestation of Lilith’s sexual problem in Virgo is women who strongly deny their interest in sex, declare that “only a mentally ill woman can want sex, what a fool will do it voluntarily.” Such a woman demonstrates that only “performs marital duties” that she has sex, just because the partner needs it.

Lilith’s connection to Virgo with sex is confirmed by another curious fact: the first person to link human mental disorders to supplanted sexual desires was Sigmund Freud. He had the Black Moon in Virgo.

It is noteworthy that many film actors have men who are very popular with women Lilith in Virgo: Alain Delon, Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, Jim Carrey, Valentin Gaft, Alexander Abdulov, Pierce Brossnan. In the roles of these actors sexual motive is clearly not put to the fore. They mostly play heroes who perform some important task. But in the course of this important activity, they can meet women and enter into a relationship – the hero is supposed to have a companion. It is thanks to veiled theme of sex subconsciously pops up in the subconscious of people when watching the film. Women are attracted by the image of the hero, that is subconsciously – a sexual motive. And if the character was not a hero, but an obvious playboy and “baboon” who would “take” the girl in the course of the film and frankly informed her of their intentions, most women such a character would cause rather rejection. Because in people’s minds there is a habit to supplant the sexual motive, to cover it with some other motives, high ideals. And in Lilith in Virgo it is most pronounced.

Illustration to the article about the Black Moon in Virgo

Lilith’s love in Virgo also has a problem. They are ashamed not only of their sexual desires, but also of feelings, so often demonstrate impassiveness, coldness in relation to the partner. For example, a woman will constantly tell her husband that she married him, so as not to be left alone, and nothing more. The motive of stinginess on displays of love is shown in many roles of the above actors with Lilith in Virgo. For example, in one film Alain Delon plays a politician whose mistress at the end of the film committed suicide because he paid her little attention. Cutting her veins, she lay and stared at the phone, expecting him to remember her and call, but he was busy at another meeting with voters. Tom Cruise in the film “Jerry McGuire” plays a sports agent who was not able to love, or rather, to show feelings and said that married only because this woman is loyal to him and helps him in business.

Ways to solve the problem of Lilith in Virgo:

  • To do a business that requires a professional display of the quality of the Virgin. Work that requires clear decomposition on shelves of information or objects, monitoring the order of work. Control of cleanliness and order. Accountant, economist, all sorts of calculations. Trade, commerce. Search for suppliers at lower prices, etc.
  • Accept yourself when you are not doing order every second.
  • Let yourself spend the money uneconomical. Buy one quality thing instead of two cheap ones.
  • Take care of your health – do not drag others to the hospital, as soon as they sneeze. Give them the opportunity to take care of themselves. They will die – their problems. Teach yourself to visit sometimes the hospital, and even more so, if you feel unwell, contact immediately. Remember: if you try not to notice the disease, hide, like an ostrich, head in the sand, the disease will not disappear.
  • Do not impose material assistance on others, give them the opportunity to earn their own needs and decide for themselves what to spend money on. Do not impose your care, but if the person asks, immediately decide: or you help him, without putting their conditions and not reproaching him with every penny, or it is better to immediately refuse.
  • Accept yourself in a state when you have sex for the sake of sex, do not cover it with any other motives.
  • Let yourself be foul-mouthed.
  • Be more open and emotional in showing love.

What the best realized Lilith in Virgo gives.

When problems are solved and experience is accumulated, a person realizes himself on Virgo as much as possible. He can not only maintain order, put everything on the shelves and set the rules in his apartment, but restore order nationwide, as, for example, George Washington. Or at least try to do it, like Oliver Cromwell or Gennady Syuganov. He can also study and organize knowledge about love and sex, become a recognized expert in solving psychological problems on the basis of sex, as Sigmund Freud. Or write books about great love and tumultuous passions like Shakespeare.

Famous people with Lilith in Virgo: Alain Delon, Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, Jim Carrey, Valentin Gaft, Alexander Abdulov, Pierce Brossnan, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Demi Moore, Korney Chukovsky, William Shakespeare, George Washington, Oliver Cromwell, Gennady Syuganov, Sigmund Freud, Charles IV – Emperor of Germany, Louis XVII.

The authors are A. Dolgopolova, S. Kuzmin (from the Russian book “The Black Moon in Signs: demons inside us”).

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