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Moon signs: psychology of personality

Virgo Moon Sign: character, career, love and family


A person born under this Moon sign makes a special effort to be perfect in everything. In its character – a striking tenacity in achieving the established goals. The highest standards these people choose are unrealistic. The slow path to these standards takes a long time, depriving the joys of life. Moon Virgorian devote themselves to a high idea that flatters their self-love and gives an opportunity to actively act. Implementation of such tasks takes a lot of effort.

People of the sign of Virgo are characterized by manifestations of criticism and introspection. The most pleasant thing that can be in the life of Virgo is questioning everything and choosing the only right decision.

Moon Virgorian are characterized by the desire to take care of others, to fully devote themselves to the chosen cause or to care for dear people.

Moon Virgorian have a flexible and sharp mind, a great memory. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to use their beautiful intuition, venturing into the endless analysis of every detail.


Virgo is an earth element sign, so the influence of the Moon is powerless to change its emotional inclinations. Virgo will never be able to trust its feelings. It is hindered by practicality.

The moon gave the Virgo analytical abilities. People of this sign should appreciate the emotionality, not destroy it with the coldness of their mind.

In addition, Virgorian can appreciate the scale of their feelings. Their feelings are quite fervent, sometimes unbridled, at the same time tender and romantic.

It is important for people of this sign to learn to listen to themselves by studying the inner self, it will help them to become more attentive to their own lives. Inner life attracts people of this sign least of all, but the results of studying it are simply incredible. To trust yourself is really not easy, but it will help Virgorian to feel people around them better, without ignoring them, better assessing life situations.

The psychological characteristic of the Moon Virgins. Images of the zodiac


People born under this sign are practical and hardworking. But they can’t work for the sake of the work itself, they need a goal, a higher purpose. They choose a case that requires attention and concentration more often. Intelligence is the most important thing for Virgo. The Moon Maiden shows the ability for logical reasoning fully. The combination of care and precision allows her to solve any adequate tasks.

People of the sign of Virgo are very critical of themselves and others. Any actions require serious reflection at first – Virgo holds that view forever. Demanding on itself, Virgo begins to doubt the quality of its work bringing doubt to absurd.

The Moon Virgo is doomed to be a workaholic. The idea that the work is not done well enough, its level does not meet the requirements, it can never become effective, visits the Virgo often. The main thing for Virgorian – to stop working so hard, be happy with what they are doing at the moment and not keep themselves from rest.

To succeed, Virgorian need to have more faith in their abilities, as well as more reliance on colleagues.


The main features of the character of the Moon Virgo – restraint and a penchant for analysis, so love, in its opinion, is always associated with the emergence of all sorts of problems. Virgorians are too serious about the issues of love, tormented by the endless analysis of their relationship with a partner. Sometimes such actions so exhaust them that the forces for the main thing is not left. They miss the joy of communication with their beloved.

The moon helps Virgo to listen to himself more often, to stop creating difficulties in love. Romance inspired by the Moon can bring charm to the Virgo’s life. The man of this sign doesn’t seem to the partner frivolous, unreliable. The stability he represents strengthens love. The inner desire to find a soul mate is no stranger to the moon Virgo.

Virgorian don’t tolerate loud sounds, sloppy, so it is better to know in advance about these features, so that then don’t get irritated. Sometimes it can be neglected, because love turns Virgo’s life upside down and gives it a new meaning.

Virgo moon sign strives for perfection in everything. Idealism is an integral part of its nature.

Moon Virgins are very vulnerable, especially if they have experienced disappointment in the past. Possessing a beautiful memory, Virgo don’t forget about past love failures, and their inherent self-criticism makes them take all the blame.

Virgos usually put love in second place after work. Personal relationships, in their deep conviction, should not interfere with the main – the achievement of life goals. But deep down, the person of this sign wants to love and be loved.

Virgo can be surprisingly sentimental. Mutual trust and understanding on the part of the chosen partner will allow its feelings to grow stronger. Often, under the mask of cold intelligence lurks a volcano of feelings. Virgo will prove its devotion in a variety of ways, if the beloved managed to see the real essence, true needs. Trusting a loved one completely, Virgorian of virulence demands in return the same devotion, otherwise jealousy – one of the traits of their character – is able to sweep everything in its path. However, by reaching a compromise between the flaws and weaknesses that irritate the partner, you will maintain a gentle and warm relationship for a long time.


Virgos are always very critical. Inclined to analyze the current situation, they embody many of their principles in family life.

Born with the Moon in Virgo you clearly express the need for a reliable comfortable house with a well-established economy. You want to be perfect parent. You should accept your children as they are, and not discipline them very strictly.

High exactness towards itself and others, borderline with pickiness, often spoils the relationship of the Moon Virgo with relatives. It often nitpicks forgetting that the family is not made up of robots, but of living people, with their flaws. Sometimes a person of this sign really does not understand how it is possible, for example, to not put a thing in its place or not to prepare dinner for two hours. Constant comments lead others to annoyance. Family members tend to stop taking such a petty person seriously, gradually pushing it to the periphery of family life, where he can neither take part in family affairs, nor influence what is happening.

To exclude that cases the Moon advises Virgo to control its critical impulses and irritability, to become more aware of people’s internal problems and learn to hear them. Let the conversation with friends turn into a rest, and not be like a thorough analysis of other people’s problems. To be able to relax and have fun, to be able to turn family life into a holiday – that’s what the Virgos should strive for.

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