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Black Moon Lilith in Libra. Demon Prosecutor Amateur

Look introductory article about an essence of the Black Moon Lilith and manifestations of demons inside us.

Problem of equilibrium accounting of interests

“Why is it impossible to live correctly?!” — the demon of Libra exclaims in indignation. — “I only want the harmonious family relations, I demand what belongs to me by right, I do not demand more, than under the law I have the rights. But this egoist wishes to do everything as it is necessary for him, and on my rights he sneezed. Or let implements all clauses put in marriage or it is necessary to disperse!”

And what “points” such in understanding of the demon of Libra are? For example: the husband — means is obliged to be at home, but not to gad. Yes, to be at home … ROUND THE CLOCK!!! “No, no, I do not attempt upon its freedom! — the demon of Libra speaks. — He has too the right somewhere to go. For me it is just a pity that he does not ask me when he leaves somewhere. I do not demand much … You WANT to LEAVE IN the TOILET — REPORT WHERE you go AND WHEN you RETURN!!!”

The demon of Libra considers that he too tries to please all, settles the conflicts while others arrive in own way, and he should make a compromise all the time, to do for others too much that they met requirements of him. Yes, it for justice therefore so often suffers, protecting someone’s interests and the rights to the detriment of itself. And how often he should undertake the peacekeeper’s mission!

Lilith in Libra will not suffer if someone violates her rights. She right there will start defending them. And if nobody restrains? Nothing, nothing, the demon of Libra will always find in what his rights were violated, do not even doubt. You even will not guess for what, as all power of machine of justice will fall upon you, with all judges, prosecutors and jurors in one person — in the person of the demon of Libra.

What provokes the demon of Libra. In others: when “stand up for the rights”, but do not carry out a duty. When he is accused of attempts to draw everything on themselves, to consider only the interest. When say to it that it on something has no rights, and he considers what is. When the partner refuses to be with him every second and to inform of everything. In itself: when forces itself to agree diplomatically, to keep harmony in the relations, and there are no forces and desire any.

As the demon is shown. Makes the juicy scandal, accusing of violations of its rights and non-performance of the duties. Likes to blackmail with the termination of the relations (“I will cancel a wedding, I will divorce you”), deprivation of material support, threatens to file a lawsuit and through court to force to fulfill its requirements.

How to neutralize the demon. To promise to fulfill its requirements that you will carry out all the duties and to observe its rights.

Problem. The aspiration of the demon of Libra to protect the rights, to defend only what allegedly belongs to it by right — illusion. Actually Lilith in Libra is not capable to consider interests fairly. Its scales always incline with huge overweight in its party, and the partner it, without noticing that, tries to deprive of all rights, and to charge it only with duties. The demon of Libra considers that it he should make a compromise, and actually he rejects any attempts of the partner to agree on conditions which would suit both. No, it is not necessary for it as equals, it is necessary for it that only it had all rights, it is necessary to have the whip over the partner! He accuses others of violation of its rights not to notice how he violates others rights. Women with Lilith in Libra really competitive in irritating their husband and keeping them under foot. Accusing the husband, they do not think that, running away from the house, he runs from these scandals. More precisely, it is simply favorable to demon of Libra to make such scandals since it is his way of vampirism — “judicial scenes”.

Often he thinks out violations of the rights where they are absent at all. The girl comes together with mother to herself home where she lives with the young man. He joyfully meets them, but it, having darted at him a glance, begins to shout: “You why half-naked? You what, brought the mistress here? How could you?!” And all this scene occurs in the face of her mother. And the girl perfectly knows that she has no competitors. The young man shocked, he cannot understand why she suddenly on it snatched that changed for these a couple of hours, so far she was not at home.

Men with Lilith in Libra do not lag behind women on a continence of the second half under a heel, to swing of the rights, threats and blackmail for the power over the partner. Moreover, Lilith in Libra will specially attract such partners who will deny in every possible way her rights to personal liberty, to keep in a role of the housemaid or the husband bringing in teeth home money, to force to walk nearly in a burqa, and to do anything, to afford everything is its own reflection. She at first will force the partner to act this way, and then will begin to do anything — allegedly from revenge, and actually — having just received a pretext. And it is favorable to it that the partner was such, otherwise it will not be able to vampirit him. Thus, to become the exemplary family man at Lilith’s partner in Libra it will not turn out at all desire — she just will not allow it, will bring the behavior to unfaithfulness, withdrawal from the house, to refuse money.

Seeking to dominate in the relations, to completely put the partner into dependence, the demon of Libra often himself appears in the total dependence. He does not understand that dependence — a thing bilateral. Do you want to keep under thumb the husband or the wife, to control from the principle “this my, lawful” — itself you will be forced to be at them every minute and how differently to check?

Libra are connected with partnership, and in the relations with the partner, the husband, the wife most brightly the demon of Libra proves. Lilith forces it to put the maximum quantity of energy in this sphere, to consider her significant, moreover, it is simply fixated on it. He subconsciously considers: “if there is no partner, I — pettiness”, begins to execute itself. His self-confidence is based on presence of the partner, that is why he so aspires to subordinate the “caught” partner completely. The relations with the partner (the sphere of Libra) he it is illusory represents not as the relations of two independent people and as the total dependence from each other, every minute stay together. Under the influence of Lilith he busily seeks “to grab” and to completely subordinate the partner, for this reason it has problems with finding of the partner — all feel this his aspiration to the sheer imprisonment and just run up.

Happens and in a different way: aspiring to it to “the sheer merge”, the demon of Libra is sometimes ready to refuse personal interests, to completely devote the time to the partner. And it is also necessary to some, and they turn Lilith in Libra into the pocket husband, the wife property with whom anywhere not to get to at all desire. And the demon of Libra will be angry, have somewhere a bit on the side and there to be cried as he is held violently here. To all fault — a contradiction: Lilith in Libra, on the one hand, wants to dominate over the partner, to strong attach him to herself, (so, and to be most attached), and with another — she wants to be independent.

The problem with establishment of equality in the relations is relevant for Lilith in Libra, as well as for Lilith in Gemini. The young man with Lilith lived in Libra with the girl. She achieved much itself, is at heart independent, earned money. Probably, it did not accept such situation when it cannot put the partner into dependence and when the partner does not try to put it into dependence. The independent relations bothered it. And it left this girl in spite of the fact that at them the child was just born. He quickly met other girl who did not earn, lived at the expense of parents and which began to blackmail him at once: or marry me, or — any relations. And he married, having received the wife whom it had to support now, and still help the mother and the child. And right there began to run to the previous girl, to shed tears that did not want to marry, but now not to get to anywhere — the wife together with the and his parents just will not allow to divorce. He continued to live in new family, but continued also the relations with mother of the child. At the same time approving all the time that so should not be that it is some unhealthy affection at it for the first girl. When she suggested to stop the relation since it has other woman whom he does not divorce, he began to blackmail her, threatening not to help money to the child and even to file a lawsuit (Lilith in of Libra protects legitimate rights!). Here so Lilith in of Libra hesitates and will not solve in any way what she wants.





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