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Black Moon Lilith in Taurus. Demon Piggy Bank

Look introductory article about an essence of the Black Moon Lilith and manifestations of demons inside us.

Security problem

Some collect stamps, others – coins, and the demon of Taurus – apartments.

Surrounding sometimes go astray: how many of them he has. But no matter how many of them there are, he will not give up one more. Real estate itself goes into his hands: inherited after the death of numerous relatives, as a result of dodgy combinations with exchange, through a successful marriage, and even from the state he manages to get a suite of apartments. The woman believes that the man is obliged to provide for her 100%, having married, immediately gives birth to a child, so that there was a legitimate reason in case of what to demand money from her husband. Without hesitation divorced, it is only a husband for a month to remain out of work, comes into a frenzy, puts the label alphonse. If he earns little, reproaches for irresponsibility, cruel insidious deception (promised to provide when married!), in an effort to sit on her and her parents’ neck, to live at the expense of others. If the payment of alimony is late at least for a day runs to the court, even if she is owed a pittance, and she is a millionaire. As a rule, both women and men with Lilith in Taurus do not have one child, there are several marriages. A man considers himself obliged to provide for all his wives and children until their (or his own) death, and he is often blackmailed by children. However, demands for money from wives and children often infuriate him, and he refuses. He likes to beg for money, and he’s still thinking for a long time before giving it. On their needs no money spares, satisfies them in the first place, and others are waiting for leftovers from the bar table. A person who works for an idea, not just for money, causes him a fit of indignation.

Which provokes the demon of Taurus. In others: when they do not earn money, ask others and him in particular. When they say that he can not make money, lives at the expense of others. When a husband refuses money to his wife and children, saying that he does not owe them anything. In itself: when can not refuse, feeling obliged, and squeeze out of it all to a penny.

How the demon manifests itself. The woman blames in an exasperated, rude tone. Standard accusations: “Alphonse, irresponsible – can not provide for the family, lives at the expense of others, beggar, beggar, greedy, consumer, impractical – works for the idea, not for the money.” Threatens her husband with the court, if at least for a day delays the payment of alimony. The man accuses that his relatives, like leeches, pull money from him, threatens to deprive him of money, drive him out of the house. In a particularly irritated state can strike.

How to neutralize the demon.To say that you are already looking for additional earnings, that you were promised to raise your salary soon, that money work is planned. To tell my husband, “OK, we will no longer ask you for money, I will be satisfied with my earnings, I will get a better-paying job.”

Problem.Posing as a wealthy man, to whom everyone allegedly tries to sit on his neck, calling others alphons, unable to make money, the demon of Taurus hides his problem. In fact, he lives on everything ready, Lilith in Taurus does not know how to provide for himself. Even in adulthood lives at the expense of his parents, apartments earned not by their labor, and inherited. The contradiction of the demon of Taurus is that, wanting a lot of money, he does not want to move a finger to earn them. As a rule, gets a low-paid job, because he is used to the lack of money, it is not his concern, but his parents and partner. If the demon of Taurus is engaged in a high-paying business, it turns out that it was attached to someone, usually a partner, who does not want to sit on his neck. And the demon of Taurus and would not move, and would work in a low-paid position.

Illustration to the article about the Black Moon in Taurus

It is difficult to realize that kinship ties do not oblige anyone to provide for another, a person should be able to provide for himself, and not demand it from others. As a result, he is often trapped when this installation turns against him. For example, hiding behind the interests of children, the ex-wife, being herself not poor, pulls out of it all the money, buys new cars, spends money on himself. And even if he sees it, he can’t say no, because he says, “Children. You have to!” From the outside it may seem that he is very generous and caring. But he gives money not because he wants it, but because sits in the subconscious a rigid program of duty. If he refuses, the self-judgment will be turned on. And in the soul at the same time he creaks his teeth and thinks: “Let’s choke on you!” When the contradiction accumulates, he has a fit of greed, and he refuses loved ones money even for bread.

Until Taurus’s demon realizes his problem, he will attract partners-mirrors. Panic afraid to get a husband who will not be able to provide for her and sit on the neck, the woman chooses to husband unsecured men, and more than once. Example: When she got married, she knew her husband wouldn’t make much money, but said she didn’t care. She worked as a teacher, received little, lived at the expense of her parents. Immediately wanted to have a child. When she was pregnant, her husband lost his job. Immediately she fell with anger on him with his parents, divorced him, took away all the things that he bought up to the last sock. She married a second-in-the-same career, who also got a little. She immediately gave birth to her second child. She managed to get a four-room apartment from the state, making an advance with money from the sold car, again not her own, but the parents. Her husband’s sawl constantly for a small income that sits on the neck of her parents, can not provide for the family. He drank, and she divorced him. Her husband was registered in the apartment, and she started a lawsuit to exchange her, buy her husband a small room, and take everything else for himself. By that time their family had several apartments on their account. As a result, she was left alone with two children in these apartments.

Taurus’s demon prevents his partner from making money. He offers to provide for him financially, agrees to live with an unsecured partner, says that money means nothing to him, but then begins to reproach him in dependency and irresponsibility, every day puts pressure on the psyche, inspires his partner that he is worthless, unable to find a job, can never earn decent money. That’s the solution of what seems to be thirsty for money, the demon of Taurus chooses an unsecured partner. He doesn’t want his partner’s money, he needs his energy. He couldn’t beat a well-to-do partner.

The large number of children of the demon of Taurus is explained not so much by the desire to have them, but by the subconscious setting that marriage must necessarily be children, and at once, because only for this marriage exists, as well as in general the relationship between a man and a woman. And so he runs the program, in each marriage immediately having children. And in the future, in times of nervous breakdown, exhaustion demon of Taurus plucks evil on their own children, born without desire, refuses to educate, ignores them. Another setting is that only children can keep a partner in a marriage. In fact, by having children, he subconsciously tries to keep himself in marriage.

Because another problem of the demon of Taurus is the establishment of permanence, to which he is not really inclined. A man lives with one woman not because he wants it, but only because of this setup, trying to resolve the internal contradiction by numerous one-off contacts with the priestesses of love. With non-professionals in the relationship does not enter, because automatically will feel obliged to her, but from the previous woman will not be able to leave. Can resume the relationship with his ex-wife or girlfriend, and then does not know how to stop them, afraid to refuse. Another example: it seems to everyone that the guy changes girlfriends like gloves, he is considered a womanizer, a donjuan. In fact, he does not engage in sexual relations with any of them, and runs away from the girl before anything begins, because he believes that the relationship will oblige him. As a result, he still finds himself trapped by an overbearing woman who takes him under his heel and drives him like a calf on a rope. If he has entered into a relationship with a woman, he will be ready to marry her, if she is even older than him at 40 years. The same installation occurs in women with Lilith in Taurus.

Ways to solve the problem of Lilith in Taurus:

  • Take care of a business that requires the professional expression of Taurus qualities. Work where you will deal with money where money will pass through your hands. Distribution of financial flows, the issuance of salaries to employees. Cashier, work at the bank. Accepting payment for anything, raising money. Dealing with real estate. A position where you will purchase real estate, other material goods for the organization.
  • Accept yourself in a state where you don’t supply others with money and when you don’t have it at all. Recognize that you do not always earn money yourself, for example, that you live at the expense of parents.
  • Look for a high-paying job, do not get a job with a small salary, hoping that the material side you will provide others. Ensure your own material wealth.
  • Give money to loved ones when they really need it and when you want it, not when you are blackmailed by responsibilities. Learn to say no to such blackmail. If your wife or adult children are unable or unwilling to make money themselves, this is not your problem, you are not responsible for it, and do not have to support them forever.
  • Give others the opportunity to earn money on their own, don’t impose money on their help.
  • Give yourself freedom in personal relationships. If you don’t want to maintain a relationship with your partner, honestly tell him about it without fear of a negative reaction. If he wanted to see you as his property, counted on love to the coffin – it’s his business. You don’t have to keep them forever when you have a relationship with someone. And no threat or laws can force you to do so if you don’t want to. You also do not consider the partner property.
  • Have children only if you want, not as a guarantee of the strength of marriage or duty.

What the best realized Lilith in the Taurus gives.

When the problems are solved and experience is accumulated, the person realizes himself on Taurus as much as possible. He owns huge wealth and can provide not only one family, but also many people, the whole country. Example: Catherine II, being unknown and poor foreigner, through a successful marriage has achieved the management of the whole country. Then he deprived her husband of everything and got her own huge wealth. But Vincent Van Gogh could not realize the potential of Taurus in his lifetime, died in poverty, but invested the energy of Taurus in his works, and after his death his paintings began to grow rapidly in price, and are now the most expensive paintings in the world.

Famous personalities with Lilith Taurus: Sergei Vronsky, Rene Descartes, Catherine II, Abraham Lincoln, Luc Besson, Georgiy Yuzhenov, Bill Murray, Mikhail Pugovkin, Julia Roberts, Ivan Aivazovsky, Karl Bryullov, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Poe, Johann Bach, Alexander Lebed, Valeria Novodvorskaya.

Authors – A. Dolgopolova, S. Kuzmin (from the Russian book “The Black Moon in Signs: demons inside us”).

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