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Building a house on the moon cycle

Construction of fence, well, path to house on lunar cycle

Water sources

Most people take lightly to the fact that they drink daily. If they had asked about the chemical composition of the water that flows from the tap in the kitchen, they would immediately rush out of town in search of a spring or well with clean water.
Of course, the water from the well is much cleaner than the tap water. But it just does not contain harmful substances. And if you have such an opportunity, go to the spring! After all, only spring water is really useful for humans, contains the necessary trace elements and a charge of vital energy.
If you have a well from which you use water as a drinking water, be sure to take samples for the content of harmful substances. If construction was underway near the well, take a sample of water immediately after its completion.
When should we dig a well?

Digging a well preferably at the young moon in the sign of Pisces (i.e. only in autumn).

Country house. Construction on the moon. Photos

The right time, agreed with natural rhythms, will help to carry out work qualitatively and quickly.

The path to the house

How to carefully lay the stone path, so that the stone slabs do not loosen, lay smoothly and did not overgrown with grass?

  • Try to lay the tracks at the damaged moon. Don’t work under the sign of Cancer! Capricorn’s days are more suitable.

Perhaps, in the track laid out on one of the days of Cancer, the plates will lie shaky and will fall out, and the tracks will quickly grow.

  • Sprinkle gravel and pave roads is also desirable at the damaged moon.

Ah, if these rules were familiar to the builders of roads and highways!


So, you only have to fence off your space small, but strong fence with a beautiful wicket. Look around: your neighbor on the right had a fence before you were born, and he is in perfect condition, while the neighbor on the left of the fence is not even ten years old, and the pillars have already sagged, need backups. Surely the neighbor on the left put his fence on the day when the Moon passed the constellation Cancer.

It is advisable to put or update the fence in the port of absence of the Moon, best in the days of cold (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or in the new moon.

Cancer days are not recommended for these works: the fence will quickly loosen and rot.

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