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Building a house on the moon cycle

Construction work inside the house according to lunar rhythms

Installation of non-capital walls, construction of stone and concrete staircases and electrical works do not require rigid attachment to the days of the lunar cycle. You can safely use your free time for these works not postponing for the future.
If you need to install wooden stairs, it is better to time this work to the days of the damaged Moon, otherwise you can not avoid the creaky stairs, going down which, you risk to wake up the whole house.

Install wooden stairs at the damaging moon. The days of Capricorn are ideal. Avoid the Days of Cancer!

A private house. Photo view inside
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Now we have reached those works that are recommended to perform on water days, the impact of which on this type of work is confirmed by experience.
Thus, drinking water remains fresh, corrosion of pipes is slower or completely absent. If you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of Water Days, remember:

All plumbing should be done on Water Days (Cancer, Scorpio, Fish).

Windows and doors

Wooden windows and doors due to high humidity can lead, they will be poorly closed and may even begin to rot. Yes, they can if you installed them one day of Water. So:

You should not install wooden windows and doors on water days (Cancer, Scorpio, Fish), as well as in the growing moon. The ideal days are Capricorn’s days at the damaging moon.

If you install winter removable windows, wait for the days of the Air. Then in winter the frames will not sweat, which means that the windows will be better to pass the light.

How to cover the floor?

There is nothing better and more environmental than a good wooden floor of wood not processed by any wood compositions. It will cost you not much more than any carpeting, but will last a hundred years longer (unless, of course, the trees for its production were cut down in a timely manner).

When flooring wooden floors, the same rules apply as when installing wooden stairs:

Wooden floors should be laid at the flawed Moon, preferably in the days of Capricorn. Avoid the Days of Cancer!

The floor, sated on the flawed moon, remains smooth and strong, it is not afraid even frequent wet cleaning, while the floors, infused in the days of Cancer, in the future creak and crack. They are more exposed to moisture, especially if the work was carried out under the young moon.
Whatever flooring you choose for your gender, whether it’s a sleek linoleum, fluffy carpet or cork, know:
Any flooring should be laid in the damaged moon. Then they will lie flat, will not swell from temperature changes and changes in humidity.

Walls and working with them

If you choose a wooden cladding of ceilings and walls, wait for the days of the damaged moon.
•Wooden ceilings and wall cladding make under the damaged moon. It is not necessary to produce these works in the days of Cancer.

Ceilings and cladding, mounted under the young moon, can crack when the temperature change in the room.
If you decide to paint the walls or cover the tree, keep in mind: when choosing paints, varnishes and emulsions, harmful to health, you can not look at the lunar calendar. They are too aggressive to feel the subtle influences of natural rhythms. Yes, it is easier to work, but the consequences of their use are unlikely to have a good impact on your health.
Another thing is the use of relatively harmless paints based on lime and natural materials. It is necessary to pay special attention to the time of the work. In this case, natural paints and primer will show us that they are not inferior to artificial paints and varnishes neither in ease of application, nor in efficiency and durability. When the work is carried out on the right days, natural materials are well withered, lie down beautifully and hold for a long time. Lime paint allows the base to breathe and retains moisture. The ground is well grasped, it is easy to apply paint.
The rules for choosing deadlines for construction work also matter when it comes to artificial, environmentally harmful materials.
The vapors and particles of harmful substances used in the damaged moon are more durable to the material and less pollute the air. Unfortunately, both the product and the surface being treated do not become less poisonous, but the release of poison into the air decreases.

•Avoid painting in the young moon – at this time the process of releasing poisonous fumes into the air is especially active.
•Paint, varnish, impregnate or paste preferably at the flawed Moon (whatever dyes you use!)
Try not to work in the days of Cancer or Lion. In the days of Cancer, poisonous substances can enter the airways, and moisture may remain between paint and wood. In Leo’s days, the paint dries too quickly, so it can crack and fall off.
•In the days of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Fish) materials wither worse. It is possible to form a fungus on wood.

Even if you use natural materials, follow these rules for the sake of greater strength and beauty of the future home.

•Think about them and in the case when you want to remove the harmful coating from the furniture, polishing or dissolving it. This work is better done in the flawed moon, when the body is less susceptible to poisons. The moon should not be in the signs of Cancer, Gemini or Lion (this will reduce the load on the lungs (Cancer Gemini) and heart (Lion).

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