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Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. Demon Nanny or Amateur psychologist

Look introductory article about an essence of the Black Moon Lilith and manifestations of demons inside us.

The problem of working with one’s mental state

Lilith in Cancer takes care of her partner as a child, rushes to fulfill all his desires, tolerates humbly any of his antics, in response, the cynical villain makes her suffer.

But despite his stinging words and insults, hurting her sensitive soul, despite the beatings, scenes of jealousy and throwing her out the door, she, dodging tears, crawls on her knees for his sweet, and is ready to forgive everything, just to be near him. She complains that she always comes across cruel men, forcing her to suffer, she is ready to do everything for them, to fulfill all their desires and whims. That she is haunted by aggressive jealouss, want to make her a thing, property, threaten to kill for treason, while they change her and constantly lie. A man with Lilith in Cancer complains of misunderstanding on the part of women, claims that they are a man-hater, otherwise they would not have treated him so cruelly. Why are these tantrums mad at him, insulting him and threatening to kill him? After all, he was so attentive, caring, wiped them snot, listened to problems and even offered his help in retaliation to husbands-traitors. And why do they lie to him all the time? All women are complete liars, they lie to him on every word. Pity and care for his neighbor just overwhelm the demon of Cancer, he is ready to drown you in his tears and feelings. But for some reason, despite his kindness and concern, he constantly comes across cruel sadists, terry selfies and aggressive psychopaths, who insult him, the poor, insult, throw tantrums and scenes of jealousy. Lilith in Cancer sincerely regrets that so many violent psychopaths, hysterics, whom she tried to help, but, alas, obviously, their negative emotions are so strong that it is better to refer them to a professional psychiatrist. What if a person doesn’t need the help of a psychiatrist? It does not matter, Lilith in Cancer will be able to convince everyone in this and will behave so that soon all the signs of mental disorder will be evident in someone who communicated closely with Lilith in Cancer.

Which provokes the demon of Cancer. In others: lack of gentleness, care, cruelty, power. When he is accused of lying, selfishness and attempts at domination. When a man tries to make a lie about himself. When they refuse to take care of him, they do not satisfy his desires, but ask him to take care of others. In itself: when he forces himself to take care of his neighbor, discuss other people’s problems, and there is no strength and desire.

How the demon manifests itself. The Demons have a passive vampirism. The demon of Cancer is accused of cruelty, selfishness and mental problems. Psychological pressure – will shed tears, arrange hysterics, accuse you of cruel sadism and make you feel like the last bastard and psychopath. And if you do not show sadism, Lilith in Cancer will in every way provoke you to start insulting and beating her, she is ready to tolerate any aggression in her address, because in this way she receives energy from you. Demon of Cancer by all means will try to cause your anger and negative emotions in your address.

How to neutralize the demon. Do not succumb to provocations, do not show aggression against the demon. On the contrary, to begin to feel sorry for him, to show care and sympathy. Do not seek psychological support from him, not to share his experiences, but on the contrary, to start talking to him about his emotions and experiences.

Problem.The concern of the demon of Cancer is imaginary. He pretends to listen and support anyone, but in reality he is interested only in one thing: the satisfaction of his own whims. Cancer’s demon can not think of anyone but himself, he is a terry egoist. Depicting a caring mother, he is a spoiled child. Demon of Cancer, depicting love, care, psychological support, binds people to themselves and makes him fulfill his whims. Making it look like it’s necessary for the man to develop it. And if a person refuses, Lilith in Cancer will bring reproaches and accusations against him, they say, I try for you to solve your psychological problems, but you, selfish, do not understand anything. At the same time, he is 100% sure that his desires are a law that must be strictly observed, and if someone does not want to do it, let him go farther away with the received from Lilith in Cancer with numerous witnesses branded “problem nut”.

Lilith in Cancer hands out psychological and psychiatric diagnoses right and left. Accusing others of having a pile of psychological problems, in mental disorders, the demon of Cancer successfully hides his own problem. The truth is that the Cancer’s demon does not know how to work with his mental state, he has a bunch of his own complexes, very much hidden from himself negative attitudes, uncontrollable emotions, and, accusing others of unstable psyche, he tries to protect himself. And for this number to pass better, the demon Cancer also in every way provokes people to show aggression, makes them mad, weaves whole intrigues to expose other psychopaths, and it happens even unconsciously. To the demon of Cancer with his experiences can go only if on Earth there was a nuclear war and no one else is left. Because he is so mired in the desire to expose others psychologically problematic that will gladly find you a lot of deviations in your head and even with a victorious look will call about it in public. His main task – to project on others his problems and expose the psychos of all but himself.

Signs of the zodiac. Cancer manipulator. Picture

Many men with Lilith in Cancer from childhood have problems with their mother, then smoothly flowing into problems of relationships with women, the inability to create a family, harmonious relationships. He thinks all women hate him. Exposing them as masculine, he hides that he is a misogynist. Women, family, children – he subconsciously rejects all this. He can remain unmarried, frankly stating that “snotty children are disgusting to him.” That’s why Lilith in Cancer may have problems having children. Subconsciously, the demon of Cancer does not want to have children, because he pretends to be a child to take care of him, he does not want to take responsibility and take care of someone else. Lack of cancer qualities leads to the fact that many Lilith in Cancer remain widows, survive the death of a partner or death of children, miscarriages. Either never start a family at all, do not want to have children, often change partners or partners abandon them. The desire to prove itself as much as possible by Cancer, without experience, also leads to the fact that Lilith in Cancer have many children at once, but can not take care of them properly. Even more often, Lilith in Cancer has problems with parents, especially with the mother, quarrels, enmity with parents, or early death of parents.

A woman with Lilith in Cancer outwardly very feminine, often specifically demonstrates femininity, for example, in the form of long hair and soft behavior, and wonders why it is attributed to her masculine character traits, she is so soft, submissive. But it’s all visibility, in fact it’s solid and persistent. She can be herself a wealthy businesswoman, but chooses a partner who would support her psychologically and financially, and outwardly will furnish it as if she cares about him and psychologically supports him. The same thing does a man with Lilith in Cancer – looking for a woman, at the expense of which will live, who will comfort him, stroke the head and wipe the snot.

Demon Raka exposes himself to a submissive and malleable, all forgiving partner, exposes the partner imperious. But in fact, he is the overbearing. There can be no obedience to Lilith in Cancer. Lilith in Cancer will achieve his relationship at all costs, seek to get what he wants by any means. In his intentions, the demon Cancer is as hard as a rock. Yes, Lilith in Cancer will crawl in the legs of a partner trying to get rid of her, shed tears, “beat” on pity, sit for hours under the door, but still force him to return. She’s going to be hysterical until she gets her way. Getting rid of her psychological pressure is not easy, she is like gum stuck to her hair. Her methods of domination are the methods of a capricious child who has sat on his parents’ neck. To others she looks like a masochist, but is a real sadist. It will exhaust the partner with his emotions, suspicions, bring him to outbreaks of aggression.

Lilith in Cancer complains about the wild jealousy of partners, but she is jealous, suspicious to the limit, will be hysterical thoughts about cheating partner, and he at the same time harassed. She inflames passions and creates a nervous atmosphere around, turns her home or place of work into a mental hospital, and then complains about others. Complains that the partner is trying to limit her freedom, but she is a terrible owner, and is ready to resort to any means to tie to a partner.

Accusing others of lying on every word, Demon Raka projectes on them his propensity to steal. He can compose (especially about himself) some absolutely fantastic stories, luring the opposite sex or achieving his goals. He “hangs all the noodles on his ears”, weaves intrigues, but if others do so, it makes him terribly angry, he resents. In the propensity to charm lies the cause of many problems with the opposite sex.

For example, a man with Lilith in Cancer flirts with a few ladies, exposes himself to superman, persuades each to leave her husband and go with him to the Canary Islands, and then wonders that it is the ladies pounce on him in hysterics, when he in bewilderment tells them that nothing promised.

Demon Raka complains that he is always attracted to aggressive psychopaths, but he chooses this type of partner and refuses others. They satisfy his desire to feel psychologically normal in their background, plus feed him energy during his outbursts of aggression and sadism. Therefore, the demon of Cancer is not interested in solving the psychological problems of the partner, but on the contrary, subconsciously will do everything possible to aggravate them. He is not interested in the partner to become independent, because he wants to play the role of an eternal nanny and reproach the partner that it is necessary to take care of him.

How to solve the problem of Lilith in Cancer:

  • Get on with a business that requires the professional expression of Cancer’s qualities. Teacher, nanny, governess, teacher. Nurse, nurse, care for the sick and elderly. Take care of psychology, psychiatry professionally, get trained.
  • Accept yourself in a state where you do not care for others, do not sympathize with them and do not listen to their problems, and are engaged exclusively in yourself.
  • Recognize that you also sometimes need care and psychological support, that you too may have personal mental problems.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit that you are demanding that a person do something, because you need it personally, not him.
  • If you do not like that the partner considers you property, jealous, aggressively declares on you their rights, be ready to give him freedom, not to hold and not to arrange scenes of jealousy.
  • Don’t tie a person to yourself if you don’t want to be stalked with your feelings. Be immediately aware of whether you should enter into a relationship. Make your intentions clear. Don’t say things that can be understood as promises on your part.
  • Accept yourself in an aggressive state when you want to command, but not to obey. You don’t have to be discreet and submissive all the time. Speak openly, if something does not suit you, do not accumulate emotional tension.
  • Stop counting the children around you who need care and psychological support, start taking care of yourself and solve your psychological problems.

Which the best realized Lilith in Cancer gives.

When problems are solved and experience is gained, a person realizes himself on Cancer as much as possible. Learning to take care of others, and not only to demand the care of themselves, a person can already create a family and have children. Like, for example, the actress Catherine zeta-Jones, who gave birth to the third child with Michael Douglas. And can also become a “caring mother” not only for his family, but also for many other people, producing some very necessary products convenient and good quality, such as Henry Ford produced Ford cars.

Famous people with Lilith in Cancer: Antonio Banderas, Natalia Belokhvostikova, Jean Claude Van Damme, Hugh Grant, David Duchovny, Catherine zeta-Jones, Nastasya Kinski, Yulia Menshova, Stanislav Sadalsky, Alexander Blok, Alexey Maresev, Henry Ford, Frederic Chopin, Robert Schumann, Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The authors are A. Dolgopolova, S. Kuzmin (from the Russian book “The Black Moon in Signs: demons inside us”).

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