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Natalya Sluginova’s magic portraits


My name is Natalya Sluginova (a pseudonym — Lidiya Skuld). I draw magic portraits and I want to share with readers how I came to this and what my creations are.

Since the childhood it is habitual to me to tell different stories with a pencil. The most interesting stories – about people and their life.

Having become more senior, I learned to transfer portrait similarity, there were orders, but in that case it was required to copy a face from the photo only precisely. And here, you devote several hours a day to the person, and most often, these are portraits made on a photo of absolutely unknown people which you never saw and will not see personally. And you study nuances and tiny secret person’s faces, begin to understand character, constantly think of it …

At that time I noticed a certain feature: the plainer and not more intricately the personality, the quicker and easier turns out to transfer similarity. But there are people of difficult destiny, with stratifications of shades of character – their portraits are created long, difficult. Once I wrote a portrait of the young girl in 2 hours, the customer needed to present urgently the gift and the essence of the portrait revealed to me instantly. I drew a conclusion that this girl is too young and inexperienced, or such is her essence. And other girl (10 years old) had a difficult character, the burdened karma of parents, I gave to her portrait 10 unlucky days (by a year per day).  Once there was a portrait of the colonel of intelligence agencies: it seems, I did not give at that time his essence, contradictory traits of character and appearance, the asymmetric person were added there. I precisely knew then that it is not imaginations and I get more deeply, than just copying of features.

I consider it’s a huge miracle and happiness to have an opportunity to glance to the world of other person it
in the refined and beautiful way.

Since the childhood I live in the world which never opened to some people, sceptics deny it at all, though in life of the skeptics there is a place to a miracle which their brain blocks. Of course, you should not plunge into illusions, and strange night sounds in the apartment to take for signals of certain sublime beings, but to here feel an easy sigh of God when, for example, you avoided danger by miracle, it is possible. What I saw and felt since the childhood raised questions, it seemed strange, but later, I found answers at forums of people with similar stories, in esoteric literature, Teachers gradually came to my life.

It is simply visualize images of the greatest force and sense, the occult seals, symbols of deities, energy by means of graphic symbols… And I began to carry out portraits of acquaintances, putting in the portraits the ideas, symbols, dreams of that people whose image I was drawing. Changes in their life, seemed to me coincidence, and my ideas seemed imaginations. But it was the most pleasant work in my life, it brought me joy. I looked for the answer to a question whether correctly I understand that I do, and received the unexpected answer. Once I went to St. Petersburg to the distant acquaintance, we came for work where his employer unexpectedly told me a story about how she fulfilled the wish, having drawn it. In the childhood she was separated from the twin sister and her track was lost, it was impossible to find. She went on the way of spiritual development and received unexpected for herself the strange idea, as a result of which she got a canvas, paints and represented a tree of life (the family tree), having enclosed there desire to find the sister. After a while her sister appeared on TV in the known program about search of the missing people. It was the unambiguous sign for me.

I’m sure that the one who has to come to me will come, and I undertake to work not with each person. Сome to me, and I will lead you to the world which you dream, I will show you your essence, I will help to become more frank with yourself and to unblock the true person who you are.

And now I present to your attention examples of my creations:

Portrait for the girl astrologer

Portrait of the artist of the website the Dome of Harmony

The magic portraits changing destiny

Magic portraits from the artist Natalya Sluginova

Esoteric portraits to order in Moscow and far off according to the photo

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